Book Project Cracks $1 Million Dollars By Crowd Funding

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

The third project get over $1 million dollars in financial support is also the first book to do so. Rich Burlew wanted to

raise $57,500 to reprint an out of print book from his “Order of the Stick” webcomic. He was able to get that amount in only 2 days. The money continued to come up so that the final amount was $1,254,120.00

Crowd Funding has been likened to the PBS or NPR drives for money for a project. These supporters get premium gifts for the amounts of money that they give. Each crowd funding site is different and has different rules. As the money came in, Burlew added to the rewards, in the end there were 64 different rewards. He was able to make adjustments to the campaign as it grew. When one goal was met, he set a new goal.  Almost 15,000 people gave and over 25,000 books were sold. He fan base drove this campaign over the top. He used that leverage to reach out to additional audiences as the amounts of money came in

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