Crowdfunding for Breast Implants? Yes, there’s a site for that

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Crowdfunding is used in every part of society. No matter what your personal feelings about it, people do have a right to Crowdfund breast implants if they wish to. There is even a site that specializes in that Called My Free Implants.

“…an innovative website that allows men to donate money to women to help them fund a free boob job.”- BBC America

It’s a way for women to get free breast augmentation. Some people think it’s a site for creeps. Here are the facts:
Over $13 Million dollars fund-raised by clients since 2005
Breast implants are the most popular augmentation done in the U.
And it’s a multicultural site. Every kind of woman can get help here.
The donors get friendship, letters, videos, pictures from the girls, and the surgeons get paid. Everyone is happy.
Until recently.

JD Alois wrote in Crowdfund Insider that “doctors who perform surgery on women who have crowdfunded breast implants “could find themselves in front of the [ General Medical Council] GMC and potentially banned from practising”. Reportedly the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) will be releasing new rules that deter utilizing web sites that help women to crowdfund for cosmetic surgery.
The goal of the GMC is to protect the public, and they report to parliament. Here is a link to Alois complete article here
Here is my point- the success Rules of Crowdfunding do not change with the product.
If these girls can gather their crowd, give them perks that the crowd wants, they can get the money and reach their goals. It’s been successful for over ten years now. But they take secrets to success In reward based Crowdfunding.
A Tribe, A goal, Perks that Matter.
Maybe I will start a # called #PerksMatter

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If you are interested in crowdfunding but find all this confusing, then start with my free Resource guide

It will tell you more about crowdfunding and the best sites to use!

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Want Better Performance and Mood? Start here

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As a business owner, you need to be at your peak performance in order to run your business. How you run your business is often an by-product of your mood. It’s very easy to fall into a trap of not doing your best after lunch. Our moods can change at lunch because of what we ate, not just who we ate with. I had a client I was coaching that was doing a web TV show. She had a full time job and then after work, she was putting in hours on her own business. The business was a web-TV show. She said she was not satisfied with the shows and was not getting good feed back. I looked at a few episodes with her. She was sitting right next to me and I noticed how sluggish she was. I didn’t immediately think that this was the problem, because I know how I work. When the camera’s go on, I click on too and no matter how tired or sick I might be, I am on. Years ago, I came to the studio, feeling not so hot and my voice was horse. Several members of the crew told me, you cannot do a show, you can barely talk. I said, I will be alright. We did 3 shows. Literally, every time the cameras came on, my voice was in. It was full and people could hear me just fine. When we stopped for breaks or between shows, my voice was barely a whisper. This went on for 3 shows, even the guests looked at me funny. They were surprised. I thought perhaps my client was having the same type of experience.

We looked at the shows and then I realized, her energy level on the show was very low. All of the shows had the same lack luster performance. She had no energy and looked like she did not want to be there. I told her so. She said she has been tired lately. On one show, she was clearly in a bad mood. She commented that those were nights that she was barely making it. I told her the main problem is that her energy level does not match her guests. She needed to be rested when she did shows and be at her peak performance. She asked me if could recommend vitamins or some concoction from the store. I explained that you have to start with the basics. Clean food. Instead of just saying I’m not going to eat meat, how about you eat meat that is grass fed and humanely raised. They make such a big difference in your energy level. There is a whole “fast food” franchise that banks on humanely raised beef. Steaks are not bad for you when the meat is clean and high quality. To hear more about this,, they have more information and teach you about meet that is Free Range, no grown hormones, antibiotics and pesticide free.

I explained to her that the FDA currently allows 6 kinds of hormones that can be given to cows and sheep. Some of the hormones are naturally produced in our bodies the others used are synthetic growth promoters (steroids). The animals can grow faster and produce meat or milk quicker and more efficiently. If you consume these products you are ingesting the same hormones they are being given. 2 hormones in particular are cause for concern that being a form of estrogen (estradiol) and progesterone. The first being linked to breast cancer in women and the second to prostate cancer in men as well as increase tumors in women. Early puberty is also a concern because it is linked to a higher risk of breast cancer for girls. You can learn more at WEB MD.

The next time we met, she had already made some major changes in her eating habits and told me she could feel the difference. She shows me some videos she had done and I could see that she was more energy and seemed more available. If you are tired and producing less, just start with the basics of cleaner eating.

Win the Intima Breast Pillow

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Intimia® Breast Pillow prevents and cures chest wrinkles in a safe, easy-to-use way.
Continuous use at night effectively smoothens out existing chest wrinkles while preventing new wrinkles from forming altogether.

Intimia® Breast Pillow comfortably separates women’s breasts thus eliminating the pressure while ensuring comfortable night’s sleep. It is ultra-soft, ultra-light and anatomically shaped to fit perfectly between the breasts of all sizes. The adjustable straps ensure that the product stays in place regardless of woman’s sleeping position.

Beyond chest wrinkles correction, Intimia® Breast Pillow provides invaluable assistance to nursing mothers and women recovering after breast-related or cardiac surgeries. It also helps to reduce discomfort for tender-breasted women due to pregnancy, nursing or PMS symptoms.

No glue, no adhesives, no discomfort. Designed in California to benefit women around the world.

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Intimia® Breast Pillow comes with the 30-Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

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