Branding Your Company Logo on Giveaways

By Joseph Alexander

n this day and age of economic decline, everybody (and we do mean everybody) loves a freebie, which makes branding your company logo on giveaways a very effective means to establish your company’s image by providing your potential customers and existing clientele with a useful item that is well-regarded and appreciated. Many companies are finding that this type of marketing has become more affordable than ever and are taking full advantage of the opportunity that promotional giveaways affords them for brand recognition and establishment of credibility for their businesses.

Multiple Opportunities with Company Giveaways

There are various promotional items that you can personalize and customize to give to your customers. Some of the options include hats, tee shirts, jackets, toys, magnets, tote bags, pens, calendars, key chains, and more. Depending upon your budget, you can incorporate one or more promotional items into your giveaway to maximize the number of times that your company’s information is seen. The general rule of thumb is that the more durable, attractive, and purposeful a promotional item is, the longer that promotional item will be in use by its recipient – giving you the most exposure and opportunity for brand recognition that your business needs to be as successful as possible.

Designing Your Logo Giveaways
When designing the free promotional item that you will give to prospective clients and customers, always keep functionality and aesthetic appeal in mind. For instance, no one wants to receive a free pen only to find that a week later it has run dry and has to be tossed out, or a tee shirt that shrinks up two sizes too small after the first wash. In the same regard, everyone loves to receive a no-cost item that will last through multiple uses (and so do you, as a business, because this widens the window of opportunity for your free item to be seen, and thus, your company to receive exposure). Always purchase the items that you plan to give away to your target audience from a reputable distributor to receive the best quality.

Distributing Your Company Giveaways

Not only will your existing customers appreciate a freebie from you, promotional items given to potential customers are well-received and give the customer an idea that your business has credibility. This is a stepping stone to invoking trust in your company that is essential to grow your business to its maximum potential. Certain free logo giveaways that can be used all year long (such as calendars and mouse pads) give a lot of intimate exposure for your marketing efforts, while giveaways like tee shirts and hats provide public exposure for your company every time that the item is worn in public. Most companies distribute their logo giveaway items at the point of sale or point of contact with current customers or at trade shows and conferences.

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