How Dead Sea Products Are Used in Body Treatments

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How Dead Sea Products Are Used in Body Treatments


Many spas around the world use products from the Dead Sea to help revitalize their customers’ skin and to help promote healing for their bodies. Unlike any other body of water on earth, the Dead Sea is laden with a high amount of minerals and salt, which have many benefits for the body. These ingredients are used in a number of hair and skin products, as well as body treatments.

Dead Sea Body Treatments

The minerals and salts from the Dead Sea are known worldwide for their healing properties. They are used to treat skin conditions, they help to make hair healthier and Dead Sea black mud is also used to help promote blood circulation throughout the body.

Reduces Cellulite

One way that Dead Sea black mud is used is to help reduce cellulite build-up on the body. Cellulite is made up of fat and bodily fluids that build-up beneath the skin, causing a cottage cheese-like appearance. The appearance of cellulite can be reduced by massaging black mud into those areas where cellulite is found. It helps to cleanse toxins from the skin pores and increases blood circulation, both of which can help flatten cellulite and make it less noticeable.

Eases Arthritis Pain

Compresses made from the Dead Sea black mud have been found to help ease knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. In a study done at Ben-Gurion University located in Israel, patients who were treated with the black mud said they had less pain than those patients treated with mud compresses that did not have the same mineral content. It helps reduce pain by stimulating blood flow and relaxing nerves.

Controls Skin Conditions

The mud from the Dead Sea can also be used to help control skin disorders like eczema, acne or psoriasis. Although it isn’t a permanent solution to these disorders, they can be kept under control by using mud masks on the face or hair masks for skin conditions found on the scalp. The mud helps to exfoliate the skin, which helps cleanse the toxins and dirt build-up from the pores of your skin.

Whether you use it at home or go to a spa for treatments, Dead Sea body treatments can restore your skin’s health, restore the skin’s pH balance and help to make your feel healthier. You can also take advantage of its healing properties by indulging in mud baths to help ease your aches and pains.

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