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Saturday was GREAT!

I spoke at BOSS BRUNCH in Washington, D.C. and was on stage with Shawn Thomas- Ask a Millionaire! He dropped some major knowledge on everyone and it was wonderful. The entire speaking line up was excellent. And I will be collaborating with some of the people there. It was a great first talk for the year. I met so many cool people. I am considering being on the line up for Florida in April. I am thankful to Tarra Jackson for putting this together. She is busy and could have easily decided to spend her time elsewhere. 


If you were there, please post a comment about the event! 

Local businesses turn to #crowdfunding for support

If you are unfamiliar with how crowdfunding can work for your business, this article gives some great examples

Can Equity Crowdfunding Be Fixed?

The Fix Crowdfunding Act would bring rules that are more approachable for fundraising companies. Vincent Bradly writes a great article that makes one think about where the industry is going.


BBC News Reports That Funerals paid for by crowdfunding are on the rise

This is a problem that could be solved by having insurance.

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When a Move Causes You to Miss Out on HBO


Moving to a New House

HBO and HBO to GO are one of the things that make your home life relaxing. Moving can be stressful, especially if it is outside of the United States. Researchers have shown that moving is third most stressful events. As with the other top causes of stress, in moving your daily TV viewing life is disrupted. When you move, your ordinary routines need to be re-established in a foreign country. HBO is designed to be seen inside the United States. You can feel like your support system has was left behind.


There is a solution now. Global Stealth Inc. ( are technological pioneers when it comes to developing and providing secure global Internet security, data encryption, and anonymity services. They have been creating innovative technology solutions since 1995 and have enlisted by many Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, BP, Shell to keep their sensitive data/information secure and encrypted while on the net. Now, you can watch all over the world here:

have servers located all around the world. They can offer users of their service the ultimate viewing experience when streaming/downloading any digital content through their sophisticated Proxy Servers. And it’s the best possible way for you to access blocked or restricted content from websites such as YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, Spotify and much more. Stress can originate from many sources, often surprising, sources. Even the most joyful events in life can be causes for stress. Let’s not allow your television viewing to be a huge cause of stress, Their Smart DNS Proxy Servers are also compatible to use with all of your internet capable devices such as your Laptop, PC, Mobile Device or Digital Home Entertainment System (Entertainment System must have Internet Capabilities).
This exclusive offer to utilize a premium Smart DNS Proxy and experience the many advantages a premium Smart DNS Service has to offer, is only available FREE for a limited time only

ForceField Energy Is a Leader in Fast-Growing LED Lighting Industry


Ever since the 2014 U.S. mandate which required a phase-out of incandescent lights in the retail market in favor of LED (light emitting diode) lighting due to environmental concerns, the LED industry has experienced tremendous sales growth and commercial deployments. With an innovative and highly successful “no money down” business strategy, ForceField Energy, Inc. (NASDAQ – FNRG) is helping lead the industry’s charge. 

Across the U.S., 60-watt and 40-watt incandescent bulbs have been phased out and are no longer available for retail sale. These bulbs have been largely replaced by LED lights which are considered “green” and environmentally friendly due to the absence of dangerous chemicals. More important, using these lights reduces your energy consumption by 50-75%! Also, the LED lights’ directional output can provide better directional light than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Plus, the payback (return on investment) on commercial lighting replacements with LED is very short. 

Given these very favorable characteristics, industry estimates suggest that U.S. federal, state and local governments could save billions in energy costs. That is why the estimated replacement market worldwide represents a $1 trillion opportunity.

It is no wonder that ForceField’s stock is trading at an all-time high.

ForceField currently boasts more than $100 million in bid proposals and potential revenue over the next few years, through its signed contracts, letters of intent, pilot programs, and official bids, with government entities and major corporations.  Sample deployments include municipal LED street light conversion projects driven by state and federal initiatives such as the President’s Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting and the DOE’s Better Building Program.

In these large scale and high profile deployments, ForceField works in concert with utility and financing leaders to offer an energy efficiency financing program that does not require an upfront capital outlay.  This shrewd financing approach substantially reduces customers’ upfront costs which is so important for governments with strapped budgets, making it a no-brainer. Plus, it enables ForceField to generate very significant revenue over a multi-year timeframe, thus maximizing profit potential.

The company’s approach and high profile contracts have led to record high stock prices and an increase in Wall Street price targets. Investment pros likely see the benefit of ForceField’s positioning. At the rate management is securing new business ForceField Energy is primed to cement its status as a major player in the LED industry.

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