Did Someone Give You This Advice?

Bad Business Advice!

Lower your Prices!

Instead of taking a  class on how to lower your prices and how to do your pricing so people will buy, I’d like you to think about a few other things:

Look, you are not Walmart so being the low price leader should not be your strategy.

1. Review the law of Supply and Demand. This will help you understand why lowering your price is not the answer to new customers.

2. See where you can add value

3. Make sure you  are selling what your customers want to buy.

4. Check your packaging, make sure it looks good.

5. Get a budget to market, I bet a lot of folks don’t know what you have available.

Someone talked to me about how my prices were too high for the television advertising on my show. When I asked how much they had budgeted for television ads, they said they had no money for tv ads. So I asked, then what difference does it make what I charge if you are NEVER going to buy? Why was I having a conversation about pricing with someone who is not my client.

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