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Paul Harding’s Site Provides Access to War Collectors
Collecting memorabilia is one thing that most people have as hobby. This is particularly true for those who are interested in history and some of the events in history such as World War… I and World War II. If you are one of these avid collectors, you can go to a place online called Paul Harding’s Military Flash Patches. Here is you will find military insignia, authentic WWI and WWII equipment and memorabilia and even army surplus items, customized T-shirts, and even war DVDs.
The best part of the site is that if you are looking for a specific item, you can simply throw us an email and we will help you find it. The firm has a wide network of connections in the military and you have a good chance of getting whatever you have been looking for.
Collecting memorabilia can be quite an expensive hobby to maintain if you don’t have the right resources to help you out. Of course, the value of such war relics and other items depend on the rarity and the condition of the items. There are appraisers who could help you with it and of course online auction sites that can help you determine the exact value of the item you possess. You can be assured that you would know the real value of the items found in the site. The people behind it have been into the collecting hobby for years now and with their expertise comes their eye for detail.
There are a lot of items that are really priced high when it comes to war memorabilia especially when it comes to World War I and II. Those that have high-value returns are gallantry medals. Flags, uniforms, badges and weaponry are also priced high when it comes to war memorabilia. Letter and documents are said to be easily forged and this is why the world renowned collectors of these items advise personal collectors to stick to the metals.
However, it all depends on the true passion of the collector himself. There are those collectors that focus on a particular regimen. It could be because a member of the family served there or because it is a local regimen which the collector could feel closely affiliated to. In that case, they have to be quite meticulous with their finds. This is not a hard thing to do when you have the right dealer to go to. can be that.
For instance Irene Moore who is a co-author of the book International Military Collectors Guide and editor of The Armourer advised that collectors should be able to identify which ones are genuine items and which ones are reproductions. It is also necessary for them to figure out dealers that could give guarantees. Military fair is also a good event to go for collectors for them to discover a number of high value items.

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