Learning sales techniques from the Apprentice?

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Learning sales techniques from the Apprentice?
Ah, it’s “Apprentice” season again. No, that doesn’t mean you can reach for a shotgun and bag a couple of arrogant 20 somethings, however tempting the thought. If there’s one thing you can consistently learn from the show it seems to be how not to be a salesperson. But why is the show so good at forming terrible salespeople and what makes for a good one? Can sales training really teach you how to sell or should it come naturally?
Why the lack of empathy, guys?

Sticking a group of competing egotists in a house together for several weeks is hardly the sure-fire way to develop this skill. Empathy needs to be the starting point for every sale; connect with people and you’ve won half the battle. You need a bit of it to start with, but sales training will teach aspiring hopefuls how to maximise it to its full potential.
Stop multi-tasking, you’re supposed to be selling

Focus – to be fair, many of the contestants seem to be focused enough; focused on showing how utterly amazing they are at every possible role imaginable. Good sales people shouldn’t be expected to multi-task, it’s not what they’re built for – they are excellent at focusing on one single thing. Some call it the kill, some call it a sale, but they get things done. Again, ability in this area needs to be inbuilt. Training in sales can help but some people are better at multi-tasking than focus – other roles may suit them better.
Responsible practices

Responsibility – the moment they get in the boardroom nearly every single one of the contestants (year on year) deny any sense of personal responsibility. Good sales people take the blame when bad situations arise. They don’t mouth the words, “It was my fault” if caught out, they simply start working on how to fix it. As far as sales training goes, this is one trick that a lot of people have to learn.

There’s a fine line here, so fine that many “Apprentice” contestants seem to not notice it and run headily from the bright land of optimism off into the sunset of arrogance. Optimism, in sales people, is about understanding that customer refusal is not personal rejection. They simply try another tactic or approach, they are even prepared to admit defeat from time to time – and, importantly, move on. This is another area where sales training can teach a sales team or individual to deal with rejection!

Celeb Apprentice 2012- Victoria Gotti

Lisa L was the project manager and the women lost. Spoiler alert! LOL.. I know it’s too late now.

The deal is Penn knew how to put on a show that would please the audience, Lisa put on a show to please the cast. Housewives of Lancelot or some crap.

Here’s the question? How bad is your show when you can win after lady parts popping out everywhere? Yeah, the show was boring and really bad when they

added a Snookie!

Victoria Gotta was fired because- she said she would go tell on Lisa to Mr Trump- quit and work with the men’s team. She felt unappreciated. I realized you have to make your team feel a part of what you are doing. She never felt that and rebelled, however, Trump hates and quitter so she was sent home. Lisa L lives to snarl again.

Penn picked 2 random people to be fired and got 2 completely different responses. Penn said he just had to pick but he didn’t think he would have to name anyone cause they won. He apoligized over and over again. Lou F ( the hulk) was pissed that he was picked. G. Takai realized it was all hypothetical and blew it off. Just goes to show you , its not what is done to you but how you respond. Lou… take a break, we all think you are a cool dude!

side bar- I love how George T made Clay A crazy by pretending to mess up the lines the entire rehearsal. If Clay thought George was going to be anything but professional when show-time came, he was mistaken. And now George knows his hot spots! I say George will take Clay down in a future round.

Penn was brilliant and Debbie Gibson showed her butt (literally) but they are still my faves and I am bias.