Open Enrollment for Group Business Coaching

With Dr. Letitia Wright

This is a no-cost 1 hour real coaching session (not a discovery session) with Dr. Wright on Jan 23, 2017 at

Topic: Processes and Infrastructure: What you need to build and expand a business

Ever wonder how people are quickly building their business and revenue?

Have you worked too hard to bring in income?

Are things just NOT working?

This is for you if:

You want to start a business 

You have a business but you are not consistently making money

You’ve purchased a lot of programs and they are not working for you

You want to start a media business (radio, TV, magazine, blog or newspaper)

Those who stay on the call to the end will get the bonus 2017 Year Planning Call 

This is not for you if…

Hate Audio learning ( this is a telephone coaching session), Not everyone learns well with audio.

This session is invitation only:

Get your invitation here:

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Flip-Flop Spa

Flip flop Spa was just featured on Wright Place TV Show!

Want your own? Just comment below! We are picking a random winner!

Here’s the story!

With a ton of work including Pantent applyed for and alot of testing, to ensure a great product in every way. The Flip Flop Spa TM was created. The more you think about it the better it gets! Interchangeable treatment pads that fit into a very stylish and comfortable footwear. Keep it clean with the Comfort pads, antibacterial sprays and essential oils.

Next, the abrasive pads will also clean your feet by exfoliating the dead skin cells. This will prepare your feet for the oil pad with our exclusive blend of 100% natural essential oils.

With every step you take wearing the Flip Flop Spa TM, your dry, creaked heels are becoming smoother, then gone! Simply change the pads and dispose as needed.

The matching sparkle carry pouch will assist on taking your pads along so you can change them anytime and anywhere.

Your feet become so unbelievably soft and will have a very healthy glow. Enjoy! – Michele Candella

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