Systems For Your Business – Why I wrote this

Michael Gerber is among us.

Michael Gerber

I was recently at an awards event in Orange County and happened to pull up behind Michael Gerber and his wife Luz, The Author of the E-Myth. E stands for Entrepreneur. Gerber has been a guest on The Wright Place TV Show and of course reading his book, back when I was really struggling to get my business together was a complete game changer. He has been a business hero of mine ever since. To get a chance to interview him was really amazing. Even better? This happened at his home!

So seeing him again and catching up was a delight. I also realized how few people in business today under the age of 40 know who he is. Also a lot of people don’t know how systems can help create a smooth business that someone else can run for you. I decide to start sharing that again.

Why bother to create a system for every aspect of your business?
So you can delegate most items in your business to someone else. If you have do to all the work yourself and no one can do anything else, then you just have a job, not a business. This strategy alone can add over $30,000 each year to your business. Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad again. Read E-Myth here.

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