Solve It Sisters

This is a new show that I am working on.

It involves talk with a purpose. It involves 5 world wide experts ready to tackle your business questions or life questions.I travel the world and have met remarkable people from around the world. Soon you will be able to post your questions or learn how to be a part of the show.

These 5 are just the base, my goal is to add some additional people and help you make the changes you want to make.


4 Responses to “Solve It Sisters”
  1. Bonnie D. Vickers says:

    This sounds interesting, maybe I can check it out on my new cell phone!

  2. Margaret M. Caraballo says:

    I will look at the facebook page. I’d like to hear what they have to say about branding.

  3. Zachary S. Wolff says:

    No one really talks about helping the people in network marketing. Network marketing is using your network to build your business. It’s the same thing we are doing anyway. I think you should focus on those kinds of businesses because network marketing is the fastest growing business.

  4. Jennifer J. Roberts says:

    I hate dealing with customers who are just being jerks. You need to talk about that.

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