My Publisher is Promoting My Book!

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    If you are a new author, do not be fooled. Publishers publish books, other people have to promote them. The other people being YOU the author are in charge of that. What? No one told you? Well, I am telling you now.

Book Marketing is the job of the author. You have to set things in motion to get your book out there. If you are relying on Word of Mouth, please read that article ASAP!

Now that you are back and understand about Word of Mouth- we can move on.

Warren Whitlock of 
has helped hundreds of authors. He says "
Most of the work a successful author does will be after the book is published. The myth that the market will discover great books just is not true. There are about 400 book released every day in the US. That’s every day, weekend and holiday’s included. Most never sell more than a few copies to the author’s close network.

It’s a shame that more of the best books are marketed. Many great titles go completely unnoticed. A smart publisher requires a sound marketing plan as part of the book proposal. They know that authors will make far more from a successful book than the actual book profits through speaking, training, consulting or their business."

So, you have to a plan. I guess you can print 100 books and tell everyone you sold out, however, I think most of you have bigger dreams than that.

The Question is:
How will YOU get the word out on your book?
Did you think your job ended at the publishing point?
Did you budget for marketing your book?
Do you have reviews set up?
Who is your target market for your book?

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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