October Notes

It?s the middle of October and we have started the 10 Week PR Challenge. I have closed it until we start a new one, I think it will be too hard if people get behind. So if you missed out, don?t worry, we?ll have another one.

As the weather turns colder ( I love summer) , I am working on shows that will warm the heart. I want each show to have a tangible impact on the people who watch and are involved. We just taped a show with Business in a Bucket and they did a heartwarming thing. They actually gave a kit to a young man who had expressed difficulty in finding work. It was real mentoring! I can?t wait for you to see this particular show.
We also taped a show with SCE. They have just been given money to build more green jobs and fund the programs that allow you to get a discount on your bills if you are having financial difficulty. They even have a program for the newly laid off.

We had Sniffle Buddies featured on the show too. This cold season will be completely different and now you have a different tool to use. I will be giving away some Sniffle Buddies at the website a little later.

In January we will have a live show at Lisa Platske?s event, it is already 50 % sold out. It?s going to be a good conference, so start your year out right with this one!

I am booking the rest of the year?s shows out and January also, so it?s time for people to tell their story. People have to know about you before they can buy your products.

There are some great PR articles on the website, 2 or 3 new ones each week. Be sure to check them out and leave your comments. We can all help each other, when you leave a comment, someone is reading that and thinking, WOW! I did not know that.

Oh yes, and Dave Saunders is doing our branding tips on the show. If you branding needs some re-working then check these out.
For the rest of the year, I will be sticking close to home and not traveling. I know, I know, that?s a big change for me, however, it is what is needed right now.

Talk to you soon!

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