Mifold Crowdfunded $2.6 Million

This has to be my favorite podcast so far!
They did not do it because they needed money.
There is a lot to learn. Listen to the podcast!
Find MIFOLD at http://www.mifold.com


One Response to “Mifold Crowdfunded $2.6 Million”
  1. Chima Ezeilo says:

    Thanks again for following fundonor on Twitter. Its appreciated. I’m trying to gain traction before we launch our crowdfund campaign in Sept. I’ve drafted a blog piece to share if you think you can help. Please have a look.

    FunDonor – Can we make donating cool for young people? YES WE CAN

    I am writing to share an exciting new idea. I would love to share it on your blog. FunDonor is a platform that will make donating fun by empowering young people to give back. But not just that. It will make it cool and rewarding as well, promising to inspire a whole new world of givers, keen to donate to charity and engage in acts of kindness. But how? Surely young people will never be bothered about charity? About donating? I think they’ll love it because FunDonor offers something unique. It offers guaranteed financial rewards for young people doing something they love – engaging with social media. Think this is far-fetched? It’s not. It’s a genuine, fully researched and comprehensively analysed concept that is due to launch later this year.

    Kindly visit fundonor to find out more. Subscribe for updates. Contact me if you wish to explore any detail further.

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