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Edison Roundtable, a Southern California Edison (SCE) affinity group that promotes professional and personal growth for women, recently hosted a panel discussion in recognition of National Women’s History Month at the SCE company headquarters in Rosemead. Lisa Cagnolatti, Vice President, Business Customer Division, served as one of four executive female panelists to discuss advancements in the workplace and celebrate the contributions women have made toward achieving equal rights.

I started in the workplace in 1983 and the work environment at that time was very different for women. ¬†Cagnolatti told a group of more than 200 SCE employees. We’ve made phenomenal progress, but there’s still work to do.

Cagnolatti began by recognizing the outstanding turnout and interest in promoting women?s professional development. She said in order to achieve great success women must be determined to overcome obstacles and find ways to turn them into opportunities. She noted that identifying organizations that support a work/life balance, such as SCE, is an important part of maintaining professional happiness.

Cagnolatti discussed the importance of having a mentor and being a mentor to others. I prefer to connect with people and be engaged in their development, she said.

This is the part I want people to see~ Have a mentor!

That way they valued and we move forward together. She also said mentors are excellent resources for feedback and can be strong advocates for a person’s growth within the company.

We’re proud of employees like Lisa Cagnolatti, women who hold themselves to high standards and are positive influences both at work and in their communities,? said Frank Quevedo, SCE’s vice president for equal opportunity. We’re honoring all of our female employees this month for their courage, spirit and contributions to our company’s success.

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