Marquise Icon Program


Imagine spending one Full Year with Dr. Letitia Wright, 

Getting Expert Advice on Going from A Rising Star to Business Icon!

One full year of the best advice, strategies and techniques that make you a house hold name!

You will high paying clients

You will have people who pay you to speak

You will have opportunities come to you! 

One full year of the best advice, strategies and techniques that make you a house hold name!

Our first call, the "get to know you" session, is 60 minutes. That's so I can get to know you and the kind of  Marquise Icon Program you will need well enough to guide you effectively. We'll identify your big goals, and the action steps you'll need to take to reach them. We'll also uncover hidden obstacles so we can overcome them with our eyes open.

Each subsequent session is 15 minutes (or less). On each call, we will work toward your goals and come up with homework that we agree on (we both must agree on the homework, I won't go crazy and give you too much).

After each call, I send you an email with a link to the recording of our call, your homework, and a link to schedule our next call.

How much does it cost?

I've charged clients more than $4,200 per month to guide them toward their  crowdfunding goals. Because of the way I've structured laser coaching (15-minute sessions, responsibility for scheduling and homework rests with you), I can reduce that to an outlandishly low $2,100 6 months which you can renew.

Unlimited? What does that even mean?

  • Simple!  Once you complete the homework assignment, you can go online and schedule your next session. We can meet as many times as you need to. For example: We could meet on a Thursday, you could complete your homework and schedule your next appointment that same day! 


Aside from the Consulting, do I "get" anything?

Yes. You get a recording of each coaching session. And you get a confirmation email from me, with your homework and a link to schedule your next session.

What if I can't do the homework?

If you're truly stuck, email me anytime. We'll figure out how to move forward, either with an easier assignment, or breaking it into smaller parts, or uncovering and removing the confusion and make sure you have the resources you need to be successful.

Who should not sign up for Laser Consulting?

If you don't need any one-on-one support, then you probably won't benefit from my laser coaching. You know who you are: you read an article and immediately implement all the strategies without fuss. You're totally self-motivated. You never get hung up on details because you understand everything you need to do. 

If you're not really motivated to get attention and "lime-light", then laser coaching isn't a good fit for you either. As a consultant, I view my clients' motivation the same way a sailor sees the wind. I can't conjure motivation, but if it exists, I can help my clients use it skillfully to reach their destination quickly and easily.

Is there a payment plan?

No. At such a low rate. PayPal Credit, for example, lets you extend payments for up to six months with absolutely no interest.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. On our first (60 minute) call, if you don't think I can absolutely help you achieve your goals, then we'll cancel the agreement and I'll refund your money. 

Can I think about it?

Of course - with two caveats. 

First, I'm limiting the laser consulting to just 10 new clients per month. I've got too much going on - The Wright Place TV Show, The Marquise Icon Program, teaching personal , financial success, speaking gigs,  oh and a life!   

But if you want in, now's the time to grab it. You know Dr. Wright's programs never go on sale, so the next time you see them, the price will be higher. 

Second, this is your one opportunity to lock in the current price for a full year of unlimited laser consulting. You know Dr. Wright's programs never go on sale, when I offer it again, the price will only increase.

A note on prices: If you're familiar with the Get Crowdfunded Now Podcast, you may wonder how I can keep producing free weekly episodes with zero advertising. Each episode takes about five hours a week to book, research, record, edit, and publish. I subsidize that effort - which reaches 10s of thousands of people who may not be able to afford my other products and services - by making a living wage through consulting, among other things. 

Truthfully, here's my experience through 17 years of self-employment: the people who know me the best are the ones who sign up the fastest. If you aren't sure (even with the no-risk guarantee), then you may want to wait until you get to know me better (and trust me more).

If you're ready to commit to getting funded, then now is the time and there's a button at the bottom of this page for you. 

Marquise Icon Unlimited Laser Coaching is $2,100  for 6 months or 3,900 for one year!  Save $200! 

You will :

  • Have a a 60-minute  Marquise Icon consulting session to set and uncover obstacles and discover your powerful Business Archetype
  • Have unlimited 15-minute laser consulting sessions for one year
  • Have links to the downloadable recording to each of your private calls
  • Receive confirmation email with homework assignment and link to schedule next call
  • Have discounts on other programs and events
  • Access to Dr. Wright's Private Calendar