Marketing Lessons from a Concert

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Self Portrait (Lalah Hathaway album)

I recently went to see Lalah Hathaway on concert and had a very enjoyable evening.

Afterwards, I got her to sign and autograph. Her CD was available but nothing else.

I did not buy the CD because I have a a lot of the  songs on mp3.

There was nothing else I could buy, no cups, no t-shirts, no stuff to buy.

What is the real income stream for artists now?

What’s the real income strean for YOU right now?

Think out of the box.

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One Response to “Marketing Lessons from a Concert”
  1. Interesting, funny I have talked to local artist who STILL believe the music business is ALL about singing. So much more is branding, marketing, contracting, ….and BACK or FRONT of the House SALES. She missed an opportunity for increased income direct to her (not the record company) and opportunity for her fans to become her advertisers. I think she needs your CD’s and a several sessions with you :).

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