Living The Dream in Vancouver Canada

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Living The Dream in Vancouver, Canada Have you have dreamed of living by the ocean or in a place surrounded by mountains? Well, living in Vancouver, BC Canada is living that dream. It is one of the most spectacular major cities on the planet. You may remember some scenes from Vancouver if you watched the last winter Olympics. Vancouver was host to the 2010 winter Olympics – so the world got to see an amazing city located on the west coast of Canada.

Vancouver has a population of about 2.3 million people, making it the third largest city in Canada, just behind Toronto and Montreal. Vancouver is often called Hollywood North, as it is one of the largest film production centers in North America. It has the largest and most diverse port in Canada. Forestry is the largest industry, but because the city is surrounded by breathtaking nature, tourism is the second largest industry. People from all around the world come to take in the ocean, mountains and old growth tress. Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain is a world class ski resort only a couple hours north of Vancouver.

Living in this beautiful city means taking part in an active community of people who enjoy hiking, biking, yoga, skiing and simply being healthy. This is one of the most eco-friendly and “green” major cities in the world. The neighborhoods are diverse, ranging from quiet areas by the beach, to condo living in the heart of the hustle and bustle in the city core. If you were ever interested in learning more about the various neighborhoods and real estate optoins, just talk to Kevin Frank. Kevin is a popular realtor in the Vancouver area with a focus on Kitsilano Real Estate. He has an informative website, with information on the different areas within the city as well as MLS lisintgs, home video tours and maps. He is a well respected realtor who would be happy to help you find your dream home in this dream city. Visit for more information.

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