Leopardology- The Hunt for Profit in a Tough Global Economy

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Leopardology- The Hunt for Profit in a Tough Global Economy

Author:  Kivi Bernard

One of the first pages in the book says “Hunt or Be Hunted”. I don’t know what to think at this point as I read those words. The author explains immediately that as a Jewish man in South Africa, he felt gifted and built for success. He never expected to be otherwise. He says he felt shocked to find others did not think so about themselves.  Really in a country that only recently got rid of apartheid ? All I can think is that his community must be very small and completely unaware of anything outside it.

Bernard sees the Leopard as the perfect hunter. He really likes that, thus Leopardology. He moved from South African to America in 1997 with less than $900 in his pocket. I know the book is called Leopardology; however he refers to himself as being like a leopard enough that it gets old by page 5.

The book is filled with simple sayings like, Never Leave Home Withou

t YOU, Study your trading market and One Lion’s poison is another Leopards meat. Not only are these uninspiring but meaningless because of the level of fluff in the world today. This book does carry his unique perspective and is full of stories from his business life. The problem is that his stories are not as interesting as he thinks they are. They are not filled anything concrete. Little sayings like Keep What You Kill sound like he has watched a lot of Hollywood movies. The sayings are things anyone could say in any market.

If you are interested in Bernard’s life story, then this book would be a good start. If you are looking for solid business information because you are experiencing some difficulty in the bad economy, there is little here to help you.

This book is an L.A. 6

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