Lemonade Stand Simple: Accelerate your small business growth

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Lemonade Stand Simple: Accelerate your small business growth

Author: Diane Helbig

Don? be fooled by this small book, it packs a lot of information. If you have had a hard time marketing and are thinking about taking a really expensive course to learn your USP, then get this book first and save yourself some money. This book asks you to take a step back, stop making business so complicated and think through what you are trying to do. Chapter one on Identity, Clarity and Value are a must read. In this uncertain economy, all of us need to rethink this question. It can cause a lot of anxiety to work it out. Helbig has a simpler and gentle way to do it. In a world full of books asking you to charge ahead, suck it up and break through, this book asks you to sit back and tell it what you are really looking for.

Active vs. Passive prospecting is another good chapter. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is where you decide to DO business or play business. You may realize in this chapter the only thing wrong in your business right now is that you really don?t know the difference.

Yes, she has chapters on Selling. Helbig tells you she didn?t like selling and how she got over that. We all have to get over that. A sale gives you money and there is no way around it. However, there is a way to get it done and make the dollars flow into your pocket without excessive strain. The author believes Sales professionals are the elite athletes of the business world and is dedicated to training them to be the best. Guess what business owner, YOU are sales professional. Since you are a professional, training should be always welcome.

If you have not invested in yourself in a while or you just started your business, get this book. Look at your situation with fresh eyes and a glass of Lemonade.

This book is an L.A. 9

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