Investing in a worthwhile lesson

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Investing in a worthwhile lesson

I have always been interested in the stock market; even at an early age I was begging my parents to buy me shares of Pixar and Apple. Now, I find myself with a small portfolio wondering how to grow it. It’s hard to start out on your own without any guidance, and when I came across Jason Bond’s website I was skeptical at first. I started out as a free subscriber; but it was soon easy to see it was worth the hundred bucks a month. Sure enough I got the refresher and knowledge that I needed.

There is a lot of direction out there about investing and choosing stocks. Unfortunately, not all of it is worthy of your time, ever heard of a pump and dump? You have to choose wisely when seeking advice on investing. You want someone who is credible, understands the industry and, of course, has a history of winning more than losing.

Jason Bond made his fortune on Wall Street and is now passing on his vast knowledge and experience to people who want to follow in his footsteps – and experience financial growth for themselves. He used to be an elementary school teacher, now he is a serious swing trader looking to make 5-10% rinse and repeat; try getting that at a bank! You can mirror his trades and make the same return, or apply his strategy to companies you like, the best thing is that Jason only makes money when people pay for his premium service, so he can’t make money if you or I don’t exceed in trades. Whether you have been in the investment industry for years now or you just started out recently, Jason answers any questions you have to make sure you feel confident in your decisions via email or in chat every trading day.

The thing that sets him apart from many other similar sites is that he is trading the same picks he is alerting his subscribers to. Other services may alert stocks they bought months ago; when Jason makes a trade, his premium subscribers get alerted via email, text, and chat in real time. This month, Jason holds chat for free to friends and family of existing members (link below). And, there are so many other calendar events to come this 2013 as well.

After watching 3 of Jason’s video lessons, it was easy for me to see which trades from the watch list were worth my time. My first trade I made 5% (on ZAGG) in a month. My second, I made over 20% (on GEVO.) Whether trading is a hobby or a means of income, you can’t afford to not hear what Jason Bond has to say or the strategies he will teach you. Check out the link below for the free password to chat on Wednesday nights and let Jason explain his strategy and answer your questions.

Disclaimer: I do not currently hold a position in ZAGG or GEVO nor do I plan on purchasing shares in the next 30 days.

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