Hot Seat- Jan 11, 2022. 4 PM PST

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Most business owners are always in hustle mode. They’re running around trying to get everything done, but never accomplishing anything long term.

The HOT SEAT is a tool that will help you focus on what’s important and eliminate the things that aren’t moving your company forward. It’s a way for you to stay focused on the big picture while still checking off all of your daily tasks.

You can attend our next Hot Seat on Jn 11, 2022. You will have time to ask the questions that release you into success. You’ll learn from hearing other’s questions answered by experts. You will network with other up and coming business owners like yourself. After the Hot Seat, it’ll be hard to avoid doing the work necessary for success in your business. With Hot Seat, you can finally take control of your schedule and accomplish more every day without getting distracted by less important tasks or meetings from people who want something from you.

Here is the link to get your seat, it’s limited to 10

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