What’s Your MBA IQ? A Manager’s Career Development Tool

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This is a book review

Author: Devi Vallabhenenei

I love books, they way they feel and the way the look. I know that when you print a book, you kill more trees. But for me, there is just something about  holding a physical book that I love.  If you have read my other book reviews, you will note I always let you know when I a book is well made.  This book is really a text book. Something I would expect a college professor to assign. I think in order to make the book lighter, these pages were made with very thin paper and which felt like  phone book paper.  The book was written to provide Business practitioners and those who want an MBA, a roadmap to facilitate advanced management education. Some of the chapters are listed below:

  • General Management , Leadership and Strategy
  • Marketing management
  • Quality and Process Management
  • Human resources management
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Corporate Control, law , ethics and governance
  • International business
  • Project management

You can compute your IQ at their website with a self –assessment. Then take the book and learn the areas you are weakest in.  It is truly a text book.  The Ethics chapter sites actual cases and laws. For example the authors explains the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act ( which strengthens the Sherman Act) and the Robinson-Patman Act ( which strengthens the Clayton Act).  It would be great for self-study, however I am not sure what you would do if you have areas that you did not understand and needed help with. It could be great for a group study or a reference book for you if you are doing online classes for your MBA. You will be prepared to take the he Certified Business Manager (CBM) exam.

You have to be very motivated to get through this book.

This book is an L.A. 8

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