Fall/Winter Setting In

Dr. Letitia Wright

First of all, thank you to all who sent me love and support over this last month. It is and was very much appreciated.

Fall is setting it; it?s starting to get cold. As I am writing this I have on extra layers because I forgot to turn on the heater last night! Tomorrow I am in the studio for the last time this year before we go on hiatus. Its bitter sweet I guess, but of course the time will fly by and I will be back in the studio in January. Also I have a live show at Lisa Marie Platske?s event too. If you are not registered for this event, please at least look at the website before you decide not to come. It?s one of the best values of the year. It is a great way to jump start your business year with new clients, new ideas and new motivation. Who is going to be on my live show? It?s a surprise! It?s very exciting!
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Another cool thing that has come up is that I am doing podcasts for Biddingbar.com
This site is for freelancers who want another place to attract new customers and contracts. It?s free to get your own webpage there and I will be having some great business podcasts there soon. It?s in beta which means it will be changing from time to time and it?s very new. I met with the guys earlier this month and they are off to a good start. When you have more WebPages, it just helps you show up more on the web and more customers can find you. It?s basically free advertising, you can?t go wrong, so visit today and sign up, tell ?me Dr. Wright sent you!

The 10 Week PR Challenge is rocking! People are not only getting interviews but they are also getting paying gigs after the interviews. We are in the middle, if you want in on the next round, then visit http://www.10weekprchallenge.ning.com and sign up,you will get the dates for the next challenge. Please fill out the application seriously. I had to reject someone who said they?ll let me know what they want to do once they look around. It?s not that kind of site; we all have goals and are serious. If you are serious, I want to help. If you are just hanging out to see what?s up, this is not for you. The people on the site are working hard and getting results. That?s the way we roll!
Waiting hear from the Russell Simmons camp about something, if it all works out, you?ll see it on the next show!
Check out the shows here online or at ITunes- you can subscribe for free, just search Wright Place TV Show and its there!

Talk to you soon!
Dr. Wright

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