Evil Email Address Strikes Again!

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Once again I am on my pet peeve about using unprofessional email addresses. I used to think it is all just a mistake in marketing. I am beginning to think it is pure evil! I actually saw a situation where someone lost out on an introduction to the city manager because the middle person was given a yahoo address. That is not something this person could pass onto a City Manager. How about a business card with a phone number and your email address that reflects your business. To give out free email address will cause you to lose out on getting business. They figure you are too small, too new, or basically too inexperienced to do the job.

Let’s go over this again:

Did you c0ntract out to the person who said they are a marketing expert but their email address was a free email not from their domain? What did you get?

How long do you think about the person who did not have any more business cards and did not follow up with you in any way?

Did you have someone ask for a referral to a specific big whig but gave you free email addresses and did not give you cards? How excited were you to refer this person?

Help me, Help YOU!

Start using your domain emails, it’s important in your branding and vision

Get some plain cards until you get your fancy ones with the logo and all that.

Write the logo and card¬† in plain letters, no one’s secretary can read all that cursive if she/he is over 30!

I would love to hear your input below!

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