Your Email address is What?

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For crying out loud people! For the last time! IF YOU ARE IN BUSINESS use your website email address branding! Enough with the free advertising of free accounts.
the email address

The email address is NETZERO??? really, I didn’t even know they were still around! C’mon SCORE, time to tighten up your game! Whats YOUR email address?


5 Responses to “Your Email address is What?”
  1. Dr. Letitia Wright says:

    You are very welcome. As a Virtual Assistant, I hate that as well. I tell all my
    clients first you must change email address.

    Lurleen D. McNair / LurleenMcNair

  2. Paula Quick says:

    Mmm, actually I’m not an e-mail address “snob,” especially in this economy. Some people may just be starting out and not have the means for a paid account. For others it may simply be a budgetary issue. In the end I am more interested in what the person/business has to say or offer versus their e-mail address. Just a thought.

  3. Dr. Letitia Wright says:

    If you are in business and do not have a basic website, then you have to really rethink what you are doing. A website is not a luxury, it’s standard. It does not cost extra to have the email that goes with the site. Let’s be real here. You need a basketball to play basketball, you cant stand on the court and tell people you are playing basketball but right now you are saving for the ball.

    You are not playing basketball, you are standing there.

    Now if you send me a free email for personal stuff, that’s fine. But dont try to tell me you are in business and ask me to buy products from you and you have a gmail acct.

  4. Linda Sherman says:

    Great article.

    Among other things, I am a Personal Branding consultant. You are absolutely right. Whether it is representing your brand or yourself, you should never use a free email address for mail of any importance. Even a mail (which is paid for and doesn’t carry ads) is better than a free mail. The worst free mail accounts, as you point out are the ones that come with an ad message tacked to the bottom of your mail from the email provider.

    If you happen to be looking for a job, you can consider setting up a simple site that is your resume and that will give you a proper email to communicate with prospective employers such as

  5. I agree with you all here. Personally I have a business email address and you can find all my business email on my website and in my correspondences. However, I do like the yahoo from time to time because I like being able to just go to it.

    Now, I think I will reconsider the free ones. I have both, never really thought of it as a big deal, but if it will be an inderance in my business then I need to reconsider the costs.

    Thanks for the article.

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