Easiest Places for PR Stunts

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By Dr. Letitia Wright, D.C.
Copyright 2009

This article is for people who want to do publicity stunts and need some clear direction on how to get started. PR Stunts have been used successfully for marketing over the years and will continue to be used. The public never seems to get tired of them.

There are lots of places a PR stunt can work quickly and easily for you. This article will outline where and why it works and gives you a few places it does not work.
? Twitter- this website is constantly hit with rumors of who died, what free software is available and what happened. It?s like the Wild West. Some of it is true; a lot of it is not. Get a following and get people to retweet or repost your rumor and watch the trend to see if goes to the top of the list. People often retweet without thinking and a rumor can grow like wildfire there.
? Your Own Website- PR stunts that involve your website will bring you a lot of traffic. You can also grow your list because people are interested in what is going on.
? TMZ- if you can involve someone famous and be a resource to TMZ, your PR stunt can be blasted over the web and television. They are a rumor machine which constantly needs to be fed.

Who you don?t want involved in your PR Stunt: Police, Fire department and Medical personnel. Why? Because misuse of resources can cost you money and in many places is illegal. For example, in some camping places, if you have to be rescued from a hike because you did not pay attention to signs, you will be charged a fee for that. Getting ?lost? and calling for rescue is a quick way to get into the media and get sympathy. Authorities are starting to suspect some people of doing just that.

Study successful publicity stunts and get some ideas that work and are safe.


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