Daughters Lives Matter (The Pilot)

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Daughters Lives Matter

A discussion on how fathers impact their daughters lives and Success!

Hosted by  Dr. Letitia Wright and Terry Boykins

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               Latasha Kinnard      

Latasha Kinnard



3 Responses to “Daughters Lives Matter (The Pilot)”
  1. Sher Graham says:

    I think that this series will ignite many stories about the relationship of daughters to their fathers, or thereof. My own story is one that many resonate with, as I lived in an upper socio-economic community and gained insight into how my relationship, or lack of, with my father, created the paradim for making the decisions I made during the first thirty years of my life. Those decisions still impact me in ways today as I did not make good choices so they came back to confront me now.

  2. Truly powerful! Latasha speaks of having consistent affirmatons from her father for 29 years. I listened to the power and joy in her voice! I didn’t have that relationship with my father, nor did I have that surrogate. At 29 I was beginning my life of settling as I sought to unwisely rework those Father/Daughter issues by marrying a much older man. I am Now stepping into my power and celebrating my worth at a much later age. Daughter’s Lives Matter! Ladies I applaud and celebrate your journey!

  3. Awesome first time pilot program.Dr Wright you rock.I truly believe that this program will leave a positive impact on the lives of a daughter and father relationship.God Bless you.I’m looking forward to your next program.I’ve shared this program with many father’s and their daughter’s here in Memphis, Tennessee.Thank you !!!!

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