Crowdfunding The Cup Cozy Pillow-Your Drink Saving Hero!

July 15, 2016 by  
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Yes, Summer is saved!!

We all need to stay hydrated, or at least keep a nice glass of wine near us from time to time. Soft couches and chairs are perfect for spills. Even new soft carpet can be a problem for the average glass. The Cup Cozy Pillow lets you keep your drinks next to you, even if you don’t have a table near by. No more spills! No more extra cleaning bills.  Ever try to keep your cup upright on the grass? Well now can! I personally love outdoor free concerts at the park and this is a perfect accessory! The goal is $10,000. Thats about 340 items made. Of course there will be more once it catches on, Everyone will want one.

There are great color choices and it even helps keep your drink cold. You can have yours by Christmas! Just imagine sitting by the fire place, knowing your drink won’t be on the carpet!

Get yours here

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