Crowdfunding for Breast Implants? Yes, there’s a site for that

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Crowdfunding is used in every part of society. No matter what your personal feelings about it, people do have a right to Crowdfund breast implants if they wish to. There is even a site that specializes in that Called My Free Implants.

“…an innovative website that allows men to donate money to women to help them fund a free boob job.”- BBC America

It’s a way for women to get free breast augmentation. Some people think it’s a site for creeps. Here are the facts:
Over $13 Million dollars fund-raised by clients since 2005
Breast implants are the most popular augmentation done in the U.
And it’s a multicultural site. Every kind of woman can get help here.
The donors get friendship, letters, videos, pictures from the girls, and the surgeons get paid. Everyone is happy.
Until recently.

JD Alois wrote in Crowdfund Insider that “doctors who perform surgery on women who have crowdfunded breast implants “could find themselves in front of the [ General Medical Council] GMC and potentially banned from practising”. Reportedly the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) will be releasing new rules that deter utilizing web sites that help women to crowdfund for cosmetic surgery.
The goal of the GMC is to protect the public, and they report to parliament. Here is a link to Alois complete article here
Here is my point- the success Rules of Crowdfunding do not change with the product.
If these girls can gather their crowd, give them perks that the crowd wants, they can get the money and reach their goals. It’s been successful for over ten years now. But they take secrets to success In reward based Crowdfunding.
A Tribe, A goal, Perks that Matter.
Maybe I will start a # called #PerksMatter

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