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Thinking about Crowd Funding Ideas in Media?

Filmmaker, actress and entrepreneur Lucinda Chrisman is  raising funds for a TV series she’s creating in Sacramento.

The show, “Around the World in 80 Dances,” will be a musical travelogue, taking its host (Chrisman) to various spots on the planet to check out native dancing and food.  Chrisman has been raising funds to shoot the first episode of the show.  Her goal was $4,000 and she made $6,470 so far.

Movies on a movie device

Vinod Bharathan is receiving accolades in short film making. One of his films was shot using the mobile phone camera. He crowd funding the movie for $4,814.64. It took them about 2 months. Vinod, who hails from Kochi and is settled in Copenhagen, is breaking new ground in short film making. His ‘Limbo’, all of three minutes, recently won the ‘best film shot using a mobile device’ award at the IndieFone Festival, U.S.A.

Zombie Run

You guys know by know I love a good zombie (movie, story, book, tv show, whatever) This game sounds really good to me. If you donated even just a dollar, you could have gotten your name in the game as a survivor! They raised over $70,000

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