Crowd Funding 101

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This is the basic information you need to know.
Crowd funding is a way to raise money, utilizing a third party website.

It’s a brand new industry, but of course people say, it’s not new, it’s just passing the hat.

What is clear, is that there are 4 different kinds- you need to know the difference so that you are not doing something illegal.

There is a real strategy to doing this successfully- 60% of people fail.

And it has other benefits such as boosting you in the area of publicity.

Here a some quick videos to get you up to speed.
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Enjoy the video training!


3 Responses to “Crowd Funding 101”
  1. Barry Waxley says:

    I am happy as can be to hear about crowd funding!

  2. Genoveva J. Mace says:

    I never heard of crowd funding before this blog talked about it !

  3. I am currently in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign with 10 days left to go. This has been the hardest thing I have ever done, in my 20-year career as a professional freelance writer and author.

    I’ve listed some of the things I’ve learned from the process in this post on my blog: I hope folks find it helpful.

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