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TikTok Account for Dr. Wright

Hey, if you are a friend from TikTok and would like some advice or consulting on grants, crowdfunding or your business, let’s spend an hour together!

It’s the TikTok Power Hour!


A Power Hour is a one hour phone call where you can get all your questions about grants, funding or crowdfunding answered by Dr. Letitia Wright. You get to ask the questions, She will answer and do her best to make sure you understand everything clearly. The call is recorded, so you don’t have to take notes. The recording will be sent to you after your call for you to review and hear exactly what Dr. Wright said. You don’t have to try to remember things or focus on taking notes.

This is NOT

A DISCOVERY CALL that is set up to sell you anything. You’re already a client if you get the Power Hour.

This is NOT

Theory or Mindset stuff. This is about giving your actionable items that will help you create funding success. Dr. Wright will give you real steps to take.

This IS FOR:

Anyone currently crowdfunding and is stuck in some area

Anyone with Questions about GRANTS

Anyone trying to figure out which of the 5 types crowd funding to use

Anyone who has failed at crowdfunding before and is ready to try again

Anyone who is looking for funding a business

Anyone ready to take action 

Why a Power Hour?

Dr. Wright works with corporations on her crowdfunding and is not currently taking on any more entrepreneurs as clients unless they are truly ready to grow their business or non-profit. When you grab a Power Hour, she can help you on the spot, even if she is traveling. This is the one way she can assist entrepreneurs today as they go for funding their business using crowdfunding and alternative funding is to answer questions and give entrepreneurs clarity so that they make the right choices for them. Not the choices some salesperson is giving you because they make commission.

What happens on the call?

You sign up and select the time for the call. 

You call into our special conference number

The call is recorded

You ask your questions about funding and how it works or any business questions you have

After the 1 hour call a mp3 file of the recording will be emailed to you

It’s private and focused completely on you.

What if You don’t use your entire hour?

You get another appointment at no cost to complete your hour. 

It’s time to invest in YOU and your business. All the free webinars and free stuff can only take you so far. Get Started for $100 for my TikTok Friends!

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