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Welcome to Clock Cards 4 Less


It is our mission to give you the most astounding nature of Clock Cards and Ink Ribbons at the least costs. We don’t just ensure the most reduced costs in the UK and Ireland on Clock Cards and Ink Ribbons however we likewise provide for you a 10% extra rebate on your first buy. When you are a current client at we will reach you for perpetual rebates up to 25% focused around your annual volume. At long last, all our requests over £ 50 are FREE of delivery.


We have an expansive choice of the most well known Clock Cards/ Time Cards in stock, if your Clock Card is not accessible in our webshop don’t hesitate to contact us at a cost demand. We can convey practically any current/ customized Clock Card at the most reduced cost in the market ensured.


Clock Cards from, why would it be a good idea for you to utilize them?


Clock machines which are otherwise called Time clocks have been around before the 1890s, helping organizations to keep right records of how long their representatives are attempting to permit right wages to be paid. There are a lot of people great reasons why a business ought to utilize the clock card framework, we have recorded three of those reasons.


  1. Clock Cards Allows Employers And Employees To Keep Correct Records


A clock card machine is a simple path for an organization to keep a record of how long a representative has met expectations. It is not simply useful for an organization to have a check card machine set up. Representatives who work in organizations who don’t work a clock card approach end up keeping their own particular record to verify they are not come up short on for the hours they have lived up to expectations. By having a check card machine set up, it stops genuine misrepresentation and permits both the boss and the worker to keep a record of the hours they have attempted to verify the right wages are constantly paid.


  1. Time Clocks Keeps Record Of Who Is In And Out Of The Building In Case Of Emergencies


In a crisis which in this day and age might be more than a blaze, it is vital to know who is as of now attempting to verify nobody has been left in the building. By not keeping record of who is and who is not living up to expectations, blaze teams could be taking a chance with their lives hunting down somebody who are not living up to expectations.


  1. Time Clocks Makes Payroll Processing Simplified


A clock card makes the transforming of wages much less demanding for the payroll office, permitting payroll data to be sent to head office to verify wages are paid on time. Not just does a clock card machine verify wages are exact, it additionally decreases the time went through managing payroll that saves money on labor. A clock card machine is useful for both the representative and the head honcho, making it a crucial bit of supplies to have inside any business settings. We’ve doubtlessly your checking in machine is an indispensable piece of your business and a standout amongst the most basic parts of your checking in machine is the ink strip or ink cartridge. The ink lace or ink cartridge is the thing that permits your workers times to be stamped onto the checking in card and without it the framework would be pointless.


The ink ribbon typically goes ahead as a spool and eventually recorders oblige ink strips that have a spool to spool capacity. Independent of what sort of ink strip your clocking in machine needs we’re certain we can supply it. To verify the ribbon gets fitted effectively we can offer phone help or if the strip is constantly especially unyielding or cumbersome we can give designing administrations to fit it into your time recorder. Simply an expression of exhortation – its generally worth staying a couple of gloves on to spare your fingers having more ink on than the ribbon!


Most checking in machines these days utilize a ribbon that is contained inside a cartridge. This secures the inner ink ribbon from drying out. Furthermore it has the included profit of making it simple to supplant. Ink cartridges will give a huge number of impacts on a card so for a little business a solitary ink cartridge will keep going quite a while. In case you’re taking care of a bigger organization it might be worth requesting two ink cartridges to keep one as an extra.

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