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Blabcake Messenger brings the text messaging experience to a new level. Literally, a new world of expressions is now available in the messaging world. These sensors on iOS and Android smart devices, create an opportunity to bring a lot of real world interaction into the digital messaging space.

Emoticons evolved to gave writers the opportunity to express an emotion, and gave readers the opportunity to better understand the tone of the written communication that they have received. Blabcake Messenger takes that idea and extends it further. Sending a text saying “let’s get drinks tonight” doesn’t give as positive of a feeling as sending a text that has blown kisses from blowing on the phone. The value needs to be considered from the perspective of the person who uses Blabcake Messenger, as well as the person who receives the “felt gesture.”

With Blabcake Messenger, users can throw ninja stars by shaking their phone, and show their love by placing the phone to their hearts. These are just a few of the endless possibilities that Blabcake brings to the world of texting. With Blabcake Messenger, you can do things to others that were not possible before in messaging. Examples include: hugging someone by hugging phone, kissing someone by blowing a kiss at the phone.

Much of the push to visual communication (Snapchat, Tumblr, emoji) is driven by the simple fact that most people actually don’t have much to say. Keep in mind that this is true whether we’re talking in person or on the web. Most of real-world communication is conveyed via body language and facial expressions.


You can high-five a friend a thousand miles away. Kiss someone goodnight from another room. Have you ever had the uncontrollable urge to turn someone into a cupcake? Now you can, and use your imagination without restraint. Throw ninja stars, blow bubbles and even rock out on the guitar. Blabcake transforms your smart-phone into an extension of your body and lets you speak when words aren’t enough.

Blabcake Messenger has hundreds of accessories for your berry in the Blabcake Shop and 23 different animated moods to choose from; you can always be who you are and say what you feel. Texting only lets you send a message, but with Blabcake, the possibilities for fun are endless. It’s time to step-up to the next-generation of digital messaging, Blabcake Messenger – words you can “feel!” Visit the Blabcake Messenger site, today!

A large, empty text box can leave the impression that any comment has to be insightful and constructive. The result  has grown the popularity of like buttons, seemingly a more appropriate way to express simple emotions like, ” Good job!” or “I agree with this.” While more aligned with person-to-person communication, Blabcake messages act as a kind of midpoint between a “like button” and a longer comment, allowing users to add more emotional weight to what they say or feel.

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