Believe Me: A storytelling manifesto for change-makers and innovators

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Believe Me: A storytelling manifesto for change-makers and innovators
By Michael Margolis

As I mentioned in another book review, I love the feel of physical books. I love it w hen authors are bold enough to try a new shape and style of book. Margolis is one of those. He is using an unusual shape for his book and a sleek glossy cover in yellow. The inside does not disappoint. He uses inspirational points with a just right touch. Anyone can get quotes from Tom Peters and Seth Godin. Margolis showed he had real talent when he worked in President Barak Obama, Joseph Campbell, Maya Angelou and and Salman Rushdie. When other famous voices echo what you are trying to say, you can?t go wrong.

Because entrepreneurs are always working to get their story out, this book is an easy tool to use to start really working on that. We don?t want to start with once upon a time, but what exactly DO we start with? This book gives clear direction and examples on what and how to do it. Yes, this book can be read in a single sitting, however, you are going t want to keep it around as a reference book. He starts off the book with the LONG WALK HOME. The part of the Hero?s journey that no one ever speaks about. That Margolis tackles this immediately lets me know he means business. This is not a fluff piece. His 15 story telling axioms will pay off when studied. I was getting to the end of the book and felt, wow, there should be more. Then I realized this is part of a series of books he will be doing. I am looking forward to the next installment. Most people teaching how to add stories to your business are talking about getting witty stories for your speeches. Those who know about the bigger picture offer the information in high cost seminars. Now this information is accessible to all of us.
This book is an L.A. 9!

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