Agriculture as a Boost to the UK Economy

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Agriculture as a Boost to the UK Economy

The farming industry has had an important role in stabilising the UK economy following the global economic crisis, with farming in the UK helping the country to remain competitive in the European export market. However, individual farm incomes have dropped in the last year, with farmers remaining less than positive about the future.

The contribution to the UK economy from farms is incalculable. The farming industry has traditionally given the country it’s prosperity, as well as providing the most basic of commodities. However, EU regulation has been less than kind to farmers, along with the withdrawal of subsidies for this important sector. Costs of fuel and fertilisers have also increased, further putting a strain on the industry.

Companies such as Leo Group are demonstrating how farms can be more efficient. By reducing waste, farmers are able to maximise their resources. Animal by-products, such as bone meal can be used in the feeding of other animals, so helping to make the agriculture industry self-perpetuating. As well as this, blood from animals can be turned into fertilisers, helping to reduce the cost of this commodity.

As companies such as Leo Group have demonstrated, the key to helping the farming industry to remain competitive is the eradication of waste. Having an in-depth understanding of the life-cycle of livestock ensures that nothing is wasted from start to finish, with animal by-products being fed back into the chain.

This is the first step in helping farmers reduce the expense of feed and fertilisers; the next stage involves exploring other markets in which UK agriculture can play a part. Whilst the industry is already involved in food production, many animal by-products can be used to produce other commodities.

Anaerobic digestion can be used to provide gas for the power industry, as well as refined animal oils being used to produce lubricants, and in some cases fuels, in the form of bio-diesel. Animal oils can also be used in the chemical and paint industries. Biodiesels produced from animal oils can also be used to provide power for farm machinery, an important opportunity following the abolition of duty-free ‘red’ diesel.

The agriculture industry could potentially be a key factor in boosting the UK economy. Companies like Leo Group are helping to make farming more relevant in these times, and the government should look towards investment in the industry for this reason.

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