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A few bloggers are doing this, I saw Fave from Friday’s Favecast do it so, I am going to try my hand at it also.

1. I  was an exchange student to Denmark when I was in High School, I have had a passport since I was 16. It was a wonderful trip, however, I was prepared to go to a spanish speaking country, so now my Danish and Spanish are iffy.

2. I am a big Star Trek fan. I own a Tribble, a Tricorder and other stuff I won’t mention here. If an Away-Team ever breaks out, I can be dressed in 30 minutes. I always play humans.

3. I am a Chiropractic Physician, not a PhD, although I appreciate the compliment. I am also the first woman of color to do hospital Surgical rounds as a Chiropractor. I know how to do manipulation under anesthesia.

4. I love all kinds of music except country. You can find every genre in my iPhone and iPod. I learned to play piano when I was young so I have always loved classical music.

5. If you sit next to me on the plane, I will make you watch my show on my iphone. You have been warned.

6. I had a Quarter Morgan horse when I was 13, named Jumbe. I did not know how to ride before I got him, the horse actually taught me!  He knew a lot of tricks.

7. The Wright Place TV show is not my first show, my first show was called A Healthier You. II\ asked all my doctor friends to be on my show.

8. I was home-schooled until 10th grade in High School. It was not called Home-school back then, and my mother was threatened with police action for taking me out of the school system at 4th grade. I graduated high school at 16 with a diploma.

9. I am not the first person in my family to write a book or produce a film. My maternal grandfather also did those things.

10. I was a Picture of the Week in Jet Magazine  when I was 8 after taking a plane ride by myself from New York to Los Angeles. It helps that my grandfather was west coast editor of Jet at the time.

11.  I was a Stevie Award Nominee in 2004 and NAFE Business of the Year in 2003.

12. When I was named one of the 35 Top Business Leaders of the Year, I brought my parents to the award luncheon, no one else did. I think people could see how young I was. They still gave my parents lunch for free.

13. I have Spina Bifida Oculta- I am very blessed that it really has no impact on my health. It could have resulted in my being crippled. I only found out when I studied my own xrays.

14.  I used to be someone’s imaginary friend- you can read those details here:

I Used to be an Imaginary Friend

15.  I can speak spanish, swahili, a little Danish and a ittle Portuguese and Klingon.

16. My favorite pig out food is Pizza, my mother says its the first word I ever read out loud to her. Grazianos in Fontana or Dominico’s in Pasadena are my favorites.

Tell me somethng good!



2 Responses to “16 Random Things”
  1. AnnieRob says:

    1. I am a grandmother of 4
    2. I spent years living without any electricity in the Australian bush
    3. I love quantum physics and can explain the LOA in scientific terms
    4. I have an IQ over 145 but it really doesn’t make me any more successful than anyone else
    5. I have a very very quirky sense of humour
    6. I cry when I see others are success (idol, etc..)
    7. I can speak 5 words and count to 5 in 10 languages (hello, thank you, goodbye, coffee, beautiful)
    8. I like to crank up the music and dance like a dervish when no-one is watching
    9. Just seeing the moon or the sea can make me happy
    10. I cured myself of an “in-curable” disease (MS)
    11. I get crabby when people forget to notice how awesome and amazing our world is
    12. I love lizards and dragons
    13. I still have an imaginary friend and truly believe everyone should (nothing wrong with imagination it can keep you sane)
    14. I love pistachios
    15. I have had my picture in the paper (newspaper) in 5 different towns
    16. I owned and trained a quarter horse named Flashdancer when I was 20.

  2. Fave says:

    Amazing list…thanks for sharing. If we’re ever seated next to each other on a plane – I’ll watch your show if you listen to my podcast 🙂

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