10 Week PR Challenge

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seen_on_tvAs we go towards the year, how much media can you get?

I started a community for everyone who wants to get more media. I have a few friends that are famous and some semi-famous ( C and D listers) and some of you who are just starting. This community will have lessons each week and a to do list so you can get used to doing something to get into the media each and every week. We’ll be talking about radio, TV, Magazines, Newspapers, blogs and more! And if you need support, you have an entire community behind you for 10 Weeks!

Visit 10-Week PR Challenge
It’s all about helping you and your business or book get a good 15 minutes of fame! It’s easy and it will be fun. Spammers will be blocked from the community because I am charging $1 to join.

Yes, just that small amount will keep the bad guys away and allow the good guys to come in and play. It will be fun and you’ll get some great ideas from other people in the community.

Where to join??


If you are ready to jumpp start with some media training, check out

Instant Radio Star


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  1. Inso says:

    Hello!I am checking your posts for some days now. I have to say that it is very informative. It is already added in my favourite list and i will make sure that i will follow it frequently. Thanks for the inputs . On top of that, i really like your theme and how you have structured your categories/menus . Is it possible to tell me the name of your theme ? Cheers

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