Twitter is not Cattle!

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I just wanted to tell those of you new to twitter how i decide who to follow. At first when you are getting into twitter, you feel you must follow everyone. It seems to be rude NOT to follow someone. This seems to run more in women than men. Here is how I decide who I am going to follow. These criteria may help you find your own way as your list grows.

Who I WILL NOT FOLLOW ( or I will unfollow)

1) Your home listed on your twitter page is a squeeze page. You just met me and you are trying to sell me already? Geez.

2) You are thanking me for helping you make 1,000 or 5,000 or whatever number followers. I develop relationships on twitter, if you followed me to get an automatic follow to reach some magic number, I am not going to support that.

3) No web page listed. I do not know who you are. Only one guy I follow with no web page and he states, I am NOT trying to sell you anything , just a follow for follow. That is truly interesting to me.

4) You are following 1000 people and have 10 followers. Take is slow, I always think those people are robots and I unfollow. Build your list over time.

5) Constant negativity- we all have negative things we can talk about. However, if that is ALL you talk about, that is boring.

6) 1000 followers and 2 updates. How did that even happen?? I will immediately unfollow you.

7) MaG PYE, OR SOME twitterlike ad? If you just want to sell to me me, I will unfollow. I do not mind a referral to your event or even stuff you sell, however, if you are using that service, it means (to me) that you ONLY want to sell to me.

So , if you still want to follow me on twitter, I am Drwright1

Type in your rules below!

I’ll pick the best new rule on January 25th and send the creator a nice gift!


5 Responses to “Twitter is not Cattle!”
  1. Angie Baker says:

    I don’t know if it is a rule, but I do try to follow people that are interesting, family friendly, good sense of humor, creative minded, and I do agree with the website being visible as to what they do.


  2. Carla Y. Nix says:

    Excellent article, Dr. Wright. I haven’t been on Twitter long, but I’ve learned quite a bit so far. And I’m learning more on a daily basis. I’ve nodded my head, saying ‘yep, yep’ on everything you’ve listed. I so agree with all you said and I have unfollowed some, and because I’ve learned, I am now more cautious and selective with whom I will follow.

    One additional rule for me is to be leary of those who do not have a picture or a logo for their image. I’ve learned that it usually means that it’s somebody hiding behind a twitter account. Spooky!

    Thanks for this. Blessings to you!


  3. Maria Simone says:

    Ditto …and…
    I’m not interested in following anyone with an offensive name— I don’t want to have to keep looking at it.
    I love the diversity of opinions, cultures, professions, etc., but I get bored with people who are over the top zealots about this or that.
    Ditch the langauge, bad manners and just plain rude.
    I unfollowed someone who was flirting a bit too much….felt like I was on a sleezy chat site.
    There are also people I already know who follow me that I wouldn’t want to spend any time with offline— so I’m definitely not interested in being with them ONLINE. Hello.
    That’s my list….great post. You’re the best.

  4. Rockyj says:

    I am fresh and new to Social Media. However as a Gentleman, I know that Proper Preparation Prevents P… Poor Performance. SM is like my first date with a Lady, not a girl. Getting to know if we Click, is a process.
    Sure, there are times in life, and I assume in SM that things happen, almost immediately, at first site. My
    Sm strategy on who to follow, consist of 80% of proven leaders, 20% mix of blatant abusers of SM ettiguette.
    Eventually , 20% proven leaders and 80% abusers. The soul of my businesses is to guide one to Mental,
    Spiritual, Physical, Financial balance. Dr. Wright thanks for being an 80%er.

    It’s not what you know , or who you know, but who knows you.


  5. Brother Paul says:

    I will unfollow anyone who uses foul language or is abusive. I saw one post that decided my Lord and Savior’s middle initial was H. and then talked about how great they were feeling that morning. (Which seemed to me to be almost oxymoronic in nature). I also will unfollow anyone that tries to use a “sexy” picture to push internet marketing information. I refused to follow someone one time that wanted to use twitter to describe their bedroom exploits. Twitter may allow you to share your thoughts, but what happens in your bedroom with your partner(s), in my opinion, does not belong on Twitter.

    Make it a great day!

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