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BlogTalkRadio Interview with Francina from TEC-

I’ll Reveal Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Getting Sponsors For Your Show or Event!

The “Secrets” The Experts Use That Keep Cash Rolling In!

You Can Have This Same Success in 10 Simple Steps, When You Know How!

I want you to grab your audio CD now!

How much would it be worth to you to unlock the secrets of getting sponsors?

Would it be helpful to you to have someone work with you one on one to really get your program started?

We all recognize that the most powerful and influential people in the world are also the ones with the “right” connections. These are the rich and famous that are able to snap their fingers and make things happen.

Would you like to know the “secret?” For the last 9 years, I have been doing exactly that for my own Television show “The Wright Place TV Show”. This is the exact 10 step process I use to get sponsors for my TV show. That means, cash, food, shoes, clothes, makeup, beauty products, soap, jeweler… anything I am looking for!

These days we have to work smarter, not harder. I know you have heard this before however, in today’s context I mean we have to what works today, not the tricks used back in 1975! How many of you know people who work hard? How many of them are rich? I rest my case!

Hard work in NOT the answer!

The real power is knowing how to do it! You can when you simply take the time to learn how! These simple steps work for the rich and famous, AND they work just as well for the individual or small business!

Napoleon Hill did a study and found that successful people had 5 things in common.

These were not things they were born with, yet they ALL had them

Burning Desire: They had the level of desire that allowed them to over come obstacles that stood between themselves and their goals.

Specialized Knowledge: They invested in themselves to allow them to perfect their craft.

Decisive: They learned to make decisions quickly on good opportunities. While others pondered, they acted!

Goal Oriented: They understood where they were going and knew they needed a process. Everyone needs a map.

Mastermind Group/Mentors: You must surround yourself with the people who keep you going towards your goals.

Here’s How This Works…

First Grab Your Sponsorship Audio CD

This CD goes through the 10 steps used to get sponsors

For YOUR Project:

1 hour Live Question and Answer Session

April 27th, 6 PM ( PST)

This bonus session is NOT available with any other offer!


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