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This video is only 2 minutes long- its very effective~
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Addicted to the Internet?

Remember when there were all those articles about being addicted to the internet?

No one is talking about that now, are they?

Why? Because most people have gotten over the novelty of being so connected by internet and realize we have to interact in real life too.

Touching people in a real way includes the internet. It’s not offline or online, it’s both.

How can you do more to stay connected both ways?

How does your business stay connected  without over-communication?

I want to hear your ideas!

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Positioning Pt 2-The Easiest Way to Get into Their Mind

February 3, 2018 by  
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Getting into someones mind is important for your brand. Creating a position in someone’s mind means you have access to them. You can send them a message about your book, business, product or service.

The easiest way to get into someone’s mind is to be FIRST! As I write this for my friend who is doing some changes in her business- I know she will be the first in this new channel she creates.

Find something to be first in. Create your own category if you have to.

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What can you be first in? Post your ideas and questions!

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