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Why I Refuse to Boycott the 2016 Oscars

January 17, 2016 by  
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I understand. I do. It’s crazy to think that in 2016, the members of the academy could not find any people of color doing great work in the movies. Yes, it needs to be addressed, but the things people are asking doesn’t make sense. And won’t help the cause. So far these are the only solutions I have seen proposed.

1. Telling Actors of color to NOT go the awards: Um, you don’t get to tell people what to do about THEIR JOB. It’s like asking someone to blow of the company picnic. Yeah, you could not go but everyone will KNOW you didn’t go. Plus they might not get invited again to the Oscars if they don’t show up. It’s an industry event they need to go to help remind the academy that they do matter. Listen, boycott your job events and tell me how it works out for you.
2. Telling people not to watch: Most people are not Neilsen families, so what you watch doesn’t impact the ratings. Also, you forget the Black HOST Chris Rock and the BLACK director Reggie Hudlin are going to get flack for that. People are going to assume they did a bad job, and I think it’s wrong. They would be easy targets if the academy wanted to “go there”. I don’t want to be responsible for hurting someone’s chances are getting the job again next year. The fact that there is a Black host and a black director is progress in my eyes. If you want to make a real impact, boycott the sponsors. Tell them you won’t buy their products because they didn’t speak out about this issue. African Americans have $1.1 Trillion dollars in buying power. It’s Martin Luther King Weekend; I can’t believe no one has thought of this yet. The answer is right in your face, and you’re off all weekend to think about it.
3. Get all excited about the Soul Train Awards and other ethnic award shows: NOW, you’re going support those shows? So, you didn’t care all these years, but now the Oscars isn’t playing far, you want to pump up other shows. Guess what, you can support all the award shows no matter what is going on. Does boycotting the Oscars mean, as soon as you see some change, you will abandon the Hoodie Awards? There is enough for everyone; it’s not either or ( to me).
I appreciate that the president of the academy said, they need to do better. It doesn’t help this year, but the first step to change is recognizing you have a problem. The first black woman won an Oscar in 1940 and then we didn’t see the best actress win until 2001. I know, it’s not as fast as it should be, but it’s moving. If you are still going to the movie theater and paying for one movie and sneaking into the “black movie” for free, you’re part of the problem.

  • Just to be clear, I was not invited to the Oscars. And I will watch it on TV.

Media Training – Must or Bust


Media Training- Must or Bust




With all the holiday frivolity and cheerfulness are you serious about your business as a hobby or a business? This is the time to become serious about the frivolity, to be focused within the cheerfulness and-and to be purposeful with the seasonal openness of people’s hearts.
Now is a great time for media promotions and public relations for your cause, unique marketing approach or “best” product sale. While there are thousands of things driving people’s attention, the end of the year and beginning of the next year are a unique time when suggestions are more easily received, matching the holiday spirit.

The window for new ideas and novel heartfelt suggestions is wide open. While your speaking skills may be excellent, don’t confuse openness with unabashed gullibility. Media interviews are not elevator speeches; they are elevator conversations on the slowest elevators in the world’s tallest buildings. Each soundbite must smoothly connect with the next one and seamlessly blend into a cohesive idea that captures the interests of the listener.

Media Pro



Every media interview must be interesting, informative and compelling. Within that interest, there is an opening to impart information that should make them feel like “the smartest person in the room” regarding your topic. While it occurs like a conversation, the artful symphony of soundbites must still be informative and leave the listener with a craving to hear more. The result of the encounter should not be the full sale of a particular product, service or even an idea, but the desire to hear more, “can’t wait till you’re on the show again!”
When you wrap up your last soundbite or unfold your last idea packet, the listener should not be ready to buy something, they should be excited about hearing more from you! This is the time to promote “YOU” as the most important aspect of your product or service. Simply, “it’s show business” and you always want to leave them wanting more.

Since you want to be ready to deliver your interview this evening being informed about it this afternoon, your professionalism means that you create the impression of a conversation that is captivating, informative and compelling. Additionally, your energy must come across as a continuous 15 or 20-minute sharing of the most exciting and joyful element of your life.

Speaker training or accomplishment and Media training are two different things. This is why a lot of speakers don’t get asked back for a second media interview. Speakers attempt to deliver a speech, and that does not work for radio or television. The actual delivery of taglines and connecting topics must flow together like friendly gossip that excites the listener. Also, the interview should have a fluidity and ease that spits out your website address, telephone number and primary social media contact points like smooth jazz lyrics.

If you are fortunate enough to be scheduled as the last minute guest interviewee, you become the host’s hero. Your presence may add spice the often hastily reconstructed show. The host will probably give you more freedom and talk time. Media training will allow you to shine as the “best belle at the ball!”
Since today’s media environment digitizes every single word you say, being nervous is just being human. For this reason, media training with “on-point” coaching is a prerequisite for successful media interviews. Use your media training to refine and hone the soundbites and catchphrases of your vibrant, energizing and longest elevator speech. No one will ever know if it’s your first time at this rodeo.

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