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5 ways to put an end to rubbish video-calls

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5 ways to put an end to rubbish video-calls

31 hours a month wasted in meetings” according to a recent infographic by Atlassian. Well that’s a hell of a lot. It’s nearly 2017 isn’t it? Everything’s slicker, faster, better, no?

So here’s 5 bonafide ways of how to give your meetings a serious injection of efficiency.

  1. You’re better than Skype.

Skype or anything similar, yes you hangouts, is your video-meeting equivalent to a 10 year relationship of convenience. No-one’s happy but all your friend’s know them and although they never make an effort to improve, they’ll always be there for you.

Leave them! Software has developed and you can have much better quality video and audio along with 8+ people in the call, free. The best ones don’t even have a sign-up. One-click and you’re in. Give a try to see what I’m talking about. Honestly the difference is astounding.

2. Audio-record your meetings

This is mega-helpful. Click a button, and audio-record any part of the call. Get emailed a secure link (which expires in 3 days) and keep yourself and others refreshed on key parts of the meeting. This is actually one of the main reasons TeamTalk is awesome.

3. Checklist that.

An interactive checklist that everyone on the meeting can see, add to and cross off. Sounds so obvious but barely any video-call services have it! This has saved me hours a month and allows the meeting to flow.

4. Web-RTC

This is the tech-y stuff. Basically it means that your calls don’t go through a centralised system. No downloads, or clunky software and much more secure. Choose your own URL. Send that URL to your team and hey presto.

5. Be more ‘video-efficient’

Having a text box to rely on, so you can quasi-write quasi-video call, does not an efficient meeting make. Too many communication vessels spoil the broth. Keep your text-talk and your video-calls separate. They both have their advantages.

And that’s that. If you, like me, even loosely follow this checklist you’ll be able to turn some of those 31 hours a month into productivity hours. Or even worst-case, avoid staring hopelessly at Ian from accounts’s pixelated, frozen face every Friday afternoon.

How to Make Your Business Greener Today

Go green key with wind turbine icon on laptop keyboard. Included clipping path, so you can easily edit it.

How to Make Your Business Greener Today


With climate change becoming a more and more pressing issue, we should all start to take serious steps towards reducing our carbon footprint and the negative effects we have on the planet. Most people think that recycling and reusing plastic bottles at home are sufficient steps towards an eco-friendly lifestyle, but what about the workplace?

We should all consider the waste and pollution we create by driving to work every day, and take active action to eliminating the bad habits we all share. Making your business greener is not an impossible task if only you are willing to make a few small, but effective changes.


Carpooling is a simple and pleasant solution for everyone who doesn’t want to let go of the comfort of driving to work, but still cares about the environment. Share your car with colleagues who live nearby and your daily commute to the office will become more pleasant and you will also enjoy quality time with co-workers.


We all know that recycling is a necessary thing to do at home, but how many of us do it at work too? Your business will instantly become greener if you get everyone involved in recycling plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper and cardboard. All you need to do is install some recycling bins and contract a company to take care of your materials.

Don’t waste electricity

It sounds simple, but most people don’t consider saving energy by turning off the computers, lights and other devices when they leave the office. Make sure you check that no unnecessary lights are on and make the best out of the natural light available.

Save batteries

Most of us recycle plastic and paper, but very few go through the trouble of recycling used batteries. Batteries contain corrosive acids and heavy metals and are a great source of pollution for the air, water, and soil. If disposed of in an irresponsible manner, batteries can do a lot of long term damage, so check out the places where you can recycle them safely.

Try reusable mugs

Instead of paper or plastic cups, encourage everyone to bring a reusable mug at the office, so you can cut down on the paper or plastic waste your business produces. It’s a simple, easy to implement solution to a very serious problem, so why not try it today?

We should all do our small part every day to make sure that we don’t contribute to the constant damage that the Earth suffers. The good news is that the process of preventing pollution at work is not rocket science!

The task of reducing the damage we do on the planet and making sure we do everything we can to protect it is not as difficult as it seems. If we all do our small part and extend our good habits to the office, not only at home, we will certainly see changes. If you still feel unconvinced, visit this helpful site dedicated to tips and tricks for recycling at work and you will find the right solution for your business.





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