Choosing a Good Domain Name for you business

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Domain Names

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It is not easy locating a good domain name given the numerous domain search options available. Generally, the type of domain name you choose may play a very important role in search engine ranking of your website. Therefore, learning how to choose the correct domain name is of utmost importance. Generally, here are some of the basic rules to follow when buying a domain name.

  • “.com” is Always the Best Option


The “.com” domain name is by far the most commonly used and searchable domain. This extension becomes even more important if you’re setting up a business website because “.com” domain has more credibility and professionalism than other domain extensions such as “.biz”, “.net” etc. furthermore, your customers are more likely to forget your extension if it is something other than the “.com”. For instance if your extension is, some customers are likely to forget and type instead.

  • The Shorter the Better


The rule of the thumb is: do not use a domain name that is more than 8 characters if you can help it. People are generally lazy, so don’t force them to type a whole novel in the name of searching for a domain. Keep it short and simple to remember.

  • Choose Keyword Rich Domain


Your domain name should be relevant to the type of goods, services, and type of information your site is about. Choosing a relevant and keyword rich domain will greatly boost your chances of being found in the search engine by the right customers. Don’t choose a domain name like “” when you blog is about financial management.

  • Avoid Hyphens


It is true that some hyphenated domain names have had massive successes, but this is quite risky. Especially if your domain name has more than two words; as a result, customers tend to forget where the hyphen was. Moreover, hyphenated domain names are more likely to lose traffic to similar domain names without hyphens.  For instance; is more likely to lose traffic to Most customers view hyphenated domain names as a cheap substitute to the non-hyphenated domain name.

  • Grab other extensions (if available)


If you have already registered your “.com” domain extension, grab other extensions as well to monopolize the domain name. For instance; register as well as other extensions like,,, and www.yourname.mob. However, this is not compulsory if you are satisfied with a single domain name. Moreover, you should only do this if you are lucky to find the perfect domain name such as a single word domain name that is also relevant to your business.

  • Domains with Identity


If you want to get started quickly and hit the ground running, you can buy brandable domain names from websites like Brand Arrows with a Logo and Colour scheme.

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website design business is a tuff cookie

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English: City Hall of Austin, Texas since 2006

English: City Hall of Austin, Texas since 2006 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Written By Jolly Jolly Jolly

The website design business is a tuff cookie for most entrepreneurs to cut into. The field has high levels of barriers to entry based on technology and the rapid advances in new computer lanuages and web standards. Austin Web Design firm Lakeway Web has put a tremendous amount of capitol, both human and monetary, into the successful formula to crack into a tech-centric market and high value development market. We will examine some of the keys to setting them apart from the competition and strategies for succeeding in a highly saturated market.

Getting the social right is an absolute must but not in the way you might think. The large part of getting a good structure for a unified front, so to speak, with a competitive niche is finding out what segments exist in your industry. Austin Texas has fairly specific industries and for the companies and startup types that we would market to. We managed to do an amazing amount of research on Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter for our area to get specifics on our target market, which technology stacks they currently used and which needed to be updated. Literally browsing the websites source and looking for content-meta generator tags that read old and out of data CMS tech stacks gave us a good point to talk with these future clients about. Outdated security vulnerable websites area a language that everyone in a company understands perfectly well  J. We created lists of companies we wanted to do business with, and the tech stack they had in place on their website currently. This list gives a talking point that has high value.

Creating innovative applications is also a great capability that you have to have to compete in a fierce marketplace that is somewhat to highly technologically advances already. Lakeway Web brought on the human capital to meet the specific demands that had to do with identified companies and the gap they would be likely to look for a consulting firm to fill. Once we had the capacity and the contacts made, it’s all about opening up the future of the clients by showing them how you can fill the gaps in that they can’t effectively get solved by in-house talent. Often bringing up potential profit centers that would be easy to capture and speak to on the website is a great way to show them you care about their bottom line, which in the end leads to a quality relationship.

Giving something back is also a very important part of being a competitive company in the high tech landscape of Austin. We do this by having dedicated time set aside to developing market filler technology that we license and give away under either AGPL or GLP2 licenses so others can adapt and innovate with our base code projects. Doing it for free demonstrates both your value as an open developer which is basically every website CMS package out in the interweb today.

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Voucher Codes Could Generate More Sales For Your Business

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street qr code

street qr code (Photo credit: ubiqua)

Voucher Codes Could Generate More Sales For Your Business

The rise of online voucher codes has been phenomenal. Long gone are the days when companies had their coupons printed the local press, nowadays voucher codes are used by UK businesses up and down the country to offer discounts and promotions.

Recent research by Forrester Consulting has found online promotional codes are an invaluable marketing tool for businesses as they increase consumer engagement and brand awareness.

Businesses that are not taking advantage of voucher code websites could be missing out on valuable sales. It’s not just the likes of the supermarkets and nationwide chains that can benefit from offering customers a promo code, small businesses are also seeing the benefit.

Voucher codes on the rise

Out of those questioned in the survey, more than six in ten said they anticipated that they would use more voucher codes over the next 12 months. This is promising news for business owners as they seek new effective ways to promote their products and services.

That’s not all though, 40% of respondents also said that they think they use voucher codes for at least a quarter of all online purchases. With more people heading to the web to do their shopping, there couldn’t be a better time for UK businesses to start taking advantage of this new marketing technique.

Consumer confidence

For businesses new to the world of voucher codes, they might wonder, well, what’s the point? Surely, it is just as effective to offer a 20% discount on their website, than become an affiliate marketer?

Retailers have been using inflated prices to accommodate for price drops for a long time, but due to the tough economic climate consumers are becoming far more money savvy.

With an increased awareness over deceptive pricing, people are looking for new and different ways to genuinely save money. By offering discounts to customers via a voucher codes website, it’s not only easier for online shoppers to see find the promotion online, but it also makes it more trustworthy.

Brand reputation

There are more benefits to using voucher codes to help promote than just getting customers to part with cash. The Forrester Consulting study actually found that voucher code users spend more time online, helping to improve conversion rates and brand reputation.

Choosing a voucher codes website


There are hundreds of voucher code websites on the web these days. Some were at the forefront of the industry, with other new ones springing up every day. My Favourite Voucher Codes has been operating for over a year, but differs from most voucher codes websites as a portion of the profits are donated to charity.

Yes, that’s right! Some of the net profits are donated to charities chosen by the consumers. Users of the website vote for their preferred charity in a monthly poll and the winner receives a cheque for 20% of the net profits.

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