Testimonials and Shark Tank

You don’t want to be a commodity, you want your services to shine.

Recently on Shark Tank, they had a guy who claimed his work out equipment was the best, he said he had thousands of people who had tested and tried it.

But he had NO Testimonies! One shark passed on it because of that. No, the reality is that perhaps that was not the only reason. I think it is interesting that even a venture capitalist is interested in testimonies of your products and services.

I am going to work on that more this year!

5 Ways Health Care Professionals can use the Swine Flu to Get Publicity

Swine Flu

The health care crisis happening right now is the Flu. NPR is running all kinds of shows on it. If you are a health professional or even a fitness professional, you can use this time to get in front of large audiences with your expertise.


1)      Call in Shows- these are really popular right now, people are scared and want to talk to someone. The government has updated websites; however it is in no way ready to deal with the public. If you are, this will be gold. Contact call in shows and let them know you can answer questions about the flu

2)     Local TV- local shows need up to date information. They service the community right around you, the people most likely to use your services. Contact them about being a guest.

3)     Newspapers- your local paper loves to feature local people. Make yourself the new resource of information, tell a reporter something he or she has not already heard and let them know you are available to them.

Teach Something

4)     Write about it yourself- use a plug on your own blog to tell some success stories about the flu.

5)     Make sure you are trying to INFORM not just sell your services. Be an asset to the media, so that you will be the top of mind anytime they need health information.


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GETFLIX: The Ultimate In Television, Music, & Movies

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GETFLIX: The Ultimate In Television, Music, & Movies

Traveling is a fun activity many people enjoy no matter their age, color, or creed. You can get to your destination by bus, car, plane, or train. Living in the 21st Century has its technology perks, too. You can stay busy or connected with computers, smartphones, tablets, and wearable technology. Compared to past eras, the digital age reigns supreme.

Remember the days when your family went off on those weekend or week-long vacations? If you had a favorite television show and went on vacation, chances are you surely missed that episode. Whatever your destination, it never had the channel to watch your favorite show. The same thing happened with music as well. City slickers who had an urban taste in music always ended up in the country for vacation. These rural areas only had about two radio stations and they both played music you did not like. If you had no DVDs or CDs, you were simply out of luck. Huge advancements in technology make both television shows and music available today, anytime and anywhere.

Why Is GETFLIX So Popular?

You’ll never miss your favorite programs, thanks to streaming. Traveling for personal or work reasons is much more tolerable today thanks to GETFLIX. Just what is GETFLIX? It’s streaming video and music content via Smart DNS and Getflix VPN Technology. No matter your location, you’ll get worldwide access and never have to miss your favorite shows or music again. You get these benefits using GETFLIX:

  • Easy to use, anywhere and anytime
  • 24/7, 365 support to solve any issues
  • Fast, secure servers
  • Large, global server network
  • Watch up to 200 channels
  • Works on numerous devices

This technology allows me to watch my favorite shows and listen to music from any location. PCs, tablets, and gaming consoles make this very convenient. I guess you can say that traveling is no longer a way to “fall off the map” anymore, but it’s surely more fun than in past years.


Travelers who love HBO have been out of luck when they leave the United States. This entertainment network which won 22 Emmys in 2016 is a staple in many homes. However, when you travel outside the USA, you will miss your favorite shows. With HBO go you must reside in the United States to watch it. The broadcasting rights are for the American airwaves. Don’t miss out on any entertainment!

The best method for viewing all of the content available on HBO GO if you do not live within the permitted regions for viewing (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, etc.) is to use our Smart DNS Proxy. Our Smart DNS Proxy Service will allow you to unblock all of the blocked content on hbogo.com (and lots more US websites with blocked content) because we have secure DNS servers located all over the world – including in the United States of America.



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