Bicycle Business Increasing

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Pretty girl on a bike

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Bicycle Business Increasing with the Increase in the Craze of Expensive Bicycle among Girls

By SunintheEast
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Coach Iyabo is Blogging!

Ok, that is not really news, I just felt like talking loud!

She is doing really well with the 100 days of blogging challenge.

I like her site, check it out. My favorite post? How to Charge What You are Worth Read more

Blog Marketing Reality Check

Not all blog marketing ideas work well. You need the whole story and frankly, I don’t find many people teaching on the web that will tell you the whole story. Here are a few things you need to know in order to stop banging your head against the wall when it comes to getting more traffic to your website or web pages.

• Article marketing- yes it can drive some traffic to your site, however, you won’t see it until after you have posted at least 100 articles. 250 if the magic number for the high level of traffic.
• PLR articles- I am not sure how anyone is supposed to use them. Article banks will not let you use them because they are duplicate articles. You can tweak them to make them original; however, by the time you do that, you could have written an article. I really do not get how PLR articles are supposed to help you. Either pay someone to write for you or get guest posts.

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