Day 6 4 hour Work day

Keeping track of time is crucial to this experiment. I will say I was on the phone a LOT this week and Friday went over the 4 hour time limit if you add the telephone conversation I had about 7 PM. It was business and I was doing a lot of listening! It’s an exciting opportunity, however, I want to have all the information before I get involved.

This week I also launched my crowd funding campaign at  www.crowdfundinglive/acfl   It’s for my new book. So as part of what I am doing to help raise money, I was on the phone. You have to explain to people what you are doing, basically they can pre-purchase the book at this webpage. Also Crowd funding Fridays, kept me on the phone. I tend not to multitask while on the phone so I do not miss anything.

I tried to spend at least one hour in the office very day, however, there are a lot of things I can do at home and internet at the office has been wonky. It’s never worked right since I moved in ( June 2012) and I am tired of being on hold for 30 minutes to try and talk to Verizon about it again. I feel my life draining away every time I call.

Today I will be working (blogging and listening to an online teleclass) and I will include this in my work day. Then find something FUN to do! I might do some video blogging from home later today. I live in the suburbs, saturdays, every lawn mover and weed wacker in the community is out. Once the noise dies down, I might be able to do something cool in my back yard.

It’s the last 100 days of the year, what are you prepping for?

Leave your answer below I would to know!

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4 Hour Work Day

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NO- I did not get it wrong, I know it’s 4 hour work week, however, I am not looking for a 4 hour work week. This summer I wanted a 4 hour work day. Instead of being down on myself for wanting to enjoy the long days, I decided to increase my efficiency and then just take the rest of the time off. Now, you never know WHICH 4 hours of the day it will be. That’s my choice as a business owner. But I am free of guilt for slacking off or day dreaming while watching the butterflies in the office garden.

I am using a strategy I learned from Dave Lakhani – work for 50 min and then take a 10 min break. I Modified it to work for 20 and take a break  and I also use the action machine to time myself.

I will push to 6 hour work day if I have a busy day. I am not wasting time and I have time to do things at home like- clean out my book case!. I am not done yet, I have more book cases to go. These are the first batch of books donated – 2 full boxes and 4 bags and an old clothes basket, all full of books.

I also sold a few to Amazon on their trade in program that netted me $50!

Getting ride of clutter feels good, the books are good, I hope they bless the new readers and life is good.

I will update you on this 4 hour work day thing and see if I can take it until the end of the year!

Did you make any changes in how you work? Post below, I love to hear new ideas.

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Who has your PET-K?


So who has your PET-K?

Who has YOUR harnessed your Passion, Energy, Time and Knowledge to benefit themselves and not you?

Think about it.

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