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5 a day


 I was reading a blog post about how we forget to actually talk to people. We are busy sending emails, direct mails, faxes, and postcards. We are not actually connecting with people. Our databases are huge; however, we use strategies that barely touch people.

So, I decided, starting this week, I would talk to at least 5 people a day. Not leave a voice mail, not send a letter or postcard, I want to actually speak with people.


I also want to track my success with that. You have to measure results if any. So I will track it on my own excel sheet.

The goal is 5 a day. Why? It’s just a number I picked. Sales people know how many calls they need to make in order to get an appointment. They also know how many appointments they need to make to get a sale. My business is a little different. I am not going to use this quota, however, if you decide to do this experiment with me, let me know what your number will be.

This will be for 30 days, starting Monday May 18th.

I already started; however, I would love to hear what everyone is doing.Will it increase sales? I am not sure; however, I am open to see what the results are.


Are you game? Comment Below!