Why Do You Need an External iPhone Battery

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Why Do You Need an External iPhone Battery?

Picture this: It’s been a busy week; you’ve been rushing to and from work, errands and home with absolutely no time to spare.  You have completely forgotten to charge your iPhone and now you’re stuck somewhere without a charger, wasting time and energy doing things the hard way because everything is on your iPhone.  Your life is on your iPhone and when it dies and you can’t easily charge it, you’re lost.

But what many people don’t realize is that for a very reasonable investment you can buy an external iPhone power pack that will prevent you from ever being without your iPhone again.  Wholesale companies such as TVC-Mall supply iPhone portable batteries and battery cases for all models of iPhones at extremely reasonable wholesale prices that will appeal to individual buyers, distributers, wholesalers and resellers.

iPhone Power Packs

TVC-Mall has a large selection of iPhone power packs.  Many of these power packs are offered in the form of protective iPhone cases that add style and protection along with extra power charge.  Most of the iPhone power pack options have a minimum capacity of charging the phone completely once with some power leftover – which makes them perfect for long flights or those emergency times when you have forgotten to charge your iPhone and can’t live without it.  They come in a wide range of colors and styles so you’re sure to find one that will fit seamlessly with your phone and your individual style.

iPhone Power Banks

Power banks are portable batteries that can be used to quickly charge iPhones. Power banks come in really cute options such as ones that look like little milk cartons in a large variety of colors, some that include a fragrance, and even some that do double duty as personal massagers.  Talk about multi-tasking!  Power banks are small, portable and easily affordable.  You can find a variety of tem at TVC-Mall.

Benefits of External iPhone Batteries

The great thing about having an external battery for iPhone  is that you never have to waste time because of low batter life again.  Since we all multi-task on our iPhones and use time such as waiting in line or in a waiting room to get legitimate work done, you can extend your efficiency by having a power pack that ensures you’ll never be without your phone again.

Choosing the Right Battery

With websites such as TVC-Mall, choosing the right battery is easy. For example, if you have an iPhone 5c, there is an entire section devoted to accessories for your phone.  Simply do a search for your model of phone in the website and you’ll be given a list of iPhone portable batteries that will work for you.  If you’re looking for something more specific, a quick search for “iPhone Power Pack” will bring up several pages of results which you can choose from.

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Forget the smartwatch. Smartlet puts your iPhone on your wrist so it’s always there, but never in the way. Smartlet is the ultimate smartwatch: it lets you wear your iPhone 5/5S on your wrist so you can easily view notifications or grab your phone to use it. Think about the number of times per day you fish inside your pockets or bag looking for your phone. With Smartlet, your phone is always there, but never in the way. Smartlet takes the most important piece of technology you own and makes it the most convenient piece of technology you own.

This project includes perks of any number of Smartlets in the colors of your choice. Smartlet does more than just put your iPhone on your wrist. It is uniquely designed to make your iPhone conveniently accessible so that being connected doesn’t interfere with living your life. Smartlet is built to hold your iPhone by its sides, while allowing you to securely slide your phone in and out to use it. You must do your own due diligence and be responsible for

Says David Soofian, “In our testing, Smartlet has been especially useful in situations where our hands have been full or busy, such as getting turn-by-turn directions while cycling, glancing at notifications while holding a baby, or traveling on public transportation.”

If you are an iphone user who likes to be on the cutting edge, support this project here!


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Do You Need Insurance For Your iPhone 5s?

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S (Photo credit: Moridin_)

Do You Need Insurance For Your iPhone 5s?

The Apple iPhone 5s is a fine piece of engineering genius, and definitely merits the AppleCare+ an extended iPhone 5s warranty if you can afford it. Your carrier will also try and convince you to buy insurance at the same time. The question is, will the warranty do or do you need the insurance as well?

So, Why Take Insurance At All?

Of course, you might argue that you don’t need to take out iPhone 5S insurance at all. After all, doesn’t Apple offer an out-of-warranty iPhone 5S replacement at $229 to replace damaged or broken phones? Yes, of course they do. That doesn’t really solve your problem, does it? You’ll still be shelling out money from your pocket. Plus, Apple won’t retain the same good old rate for ever. So don’t depend on the out-of-warranty replacement device. Think in terms of protecting your device long-term and getting full value for the money you’re investing.

Ok So Why Not Just Take Up The Extended Warranty?

Here’s what you need to understand. True, Apple offers a one year warranty that covers major defects – bad battery life, for example, or the touchscreen going crazy. What do you do if your iPhone 5S gets lost, stolen, or your little rugrat drops it into the loo? You will have to look into a warranty that covers accidental damage. But warranty does not cover accidental damage, only insurance does.

Ok, Yes, I See Why I Need Insurance

Now that you’re coming around, we suggest that you read through the fine print and compare features, benefits and prices before buying iPhone 5S insurance. True, iPhone 5s insurance does cost more than Apple’s iPhone 5s warranty. That’s because it offers greater coverage. There’s an upfront fee, a monthly premium and a pre-determined deductible that you pay while making a claim. However, take a look at these facts:

  • It costs less than $200 for an iPhone 5s from your carrier.
  • If your phone is lost or stolen and you’re without insurance, you’ll be shelling out no less than $649 for a new iPhone 5S.
  • If you bought a higher capacity model, you’ll be shelling out more to purchase another one off contract – $849 and more.
  • Without the carrier subsidy, the iPhone 5S is an expensive phone to own, and even more expensive to lose or damage.

Want More Reasons For Insuring Your iPhone 5S?

Water damage is an ever-present danger. A coffee spill is something that happens at least once a week in most people’s lives. You don’t want your iPhone 5S to become wet, do you? How do you predict that your brand new iPhone 5s, one that’s been dearly bought with hard-earned money, won’t suffer water damage? Water damage is the most frequent kind of damage reported by smartphone users; if you own an iPhone 5S, consider buying insurance that provides coverage for water damage.Why do you think so many iPhone 5 owners buy insurance? There’s no pred

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